Monday, March 11, 2013

Glory Hole Doughnuts

This is my second time here at Glory Hole Doughnuts (Twitter: @GHoleDoughnuts) and finally took some  real pictures (non-Instagram). Came here for a quick snack and also to get something to bring to a potluck party since the hostess love sweets.

They do sell out all the time especially on weekends, so I would suggest to follow them on twitter where they keep updated what's available or when the next batch will be ready.

Bought a box of six for the potluck but there wasn't much choices since those were the only flavors that came out... the plus side, it's super fresh and still warm to the touch.
Big pretty box w/ large display window, love it ♥

1/2 Dozen for $20
Kensigton Brew Co. Beer (x2)(one of my fave local craft beer), Bread & Butter, 
Cookie & Cream (x2); Chocolate Pistachio

Bread & Butter
Can't resist not to have one right away since it was so fluffy toasty... it's just so good that it's beyond words. I guess making everything by hand with natural ingredients does make a huge difference.

I was so disadpointed to hear a while ago that they decided to discontinued one of their most popular doughnuts, Lemon Meringue since there was too much labor involve... just as we were leaving, we heard that they have a batch coming out as the day special and of course we have to wait for it =P

Lemon Meringue
They limit maximum 3 per person, so of course we got 3 and had one right away. It was still warm with and it was a mess to eat w/ the meringue not yet set plus the warm lemon curd inside is just heavenly ♥♥♥

First time trying Kombucha which is a fermented sweeten tea which has a slightly sour taste

Verdict :
♥♥♥ this place and you won't go back to your Timmies donut once you try this
Hand Crafted perfection (^_^)
It sells out all the time, so make sure to follow them on twitter for update (@GHoleDoughnuts

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