Friday, October 21, 2016

La Cova Fumada [Barcelona - Spain]

La Cova Fumada (aka "The Smoked Cave") have no signs, so you'll just have to look for their street number if you are not familiar. Opened since 1944, it kept it's charm with a warm familiar old school atmosphere with regulars local and tourist alike. Love as we were waiting for it to open, there was already a huge table of old locals already seated behind their close door. And btw they do not take reservation, so come early to get a table.

With their menu written in chalk on the vintage blackboard on the wall as it was since it first open in the 1940s and no other type of menu available with just the ingredients and no description at all... Everything here looks like a blast from the part!

You would think this will be a nightmare for tourists like us who didn't know Spanish but surprisingly, there was a staff, probably the owner that was very familiar in dealing with tourists like us who is rather fluent in English. He recommended what we needed to try. We always try to eat at some local authentic places and this definitely fit the bill with very old-school tapas with minimal preparation. The dishes is seasonal and there's a little granny cooking in the small kitchen at the front, my guess is that she have been making the same tapas the same way for yearsssss.

Pan Toastado
Toast rub w/ tomato and oil & another one that I don't really remember

They are famous for their Bombas (potato bombs) and it really was the best we had on our trip... it is rumored that the grandmother of the current owners invented the tapas which is now served all over Spain. It quite simple really, mashed potatoes with some pork inside rolled in breadcrumbs and egg then deep fried in olive oil and served with a slightly spicy cayenne peppers sauce.

Fall is asparagus and artichoke season and since we already had quite a few asparagus during this trip, we decided to try the artichoke this time. It's simply fried with a little sprinkle of salt and olive oil, no idea how to eat it whole like that and our server gladly demonstrated by tearing a piece/leave off and suck on it... you eat the meat that is inside and dispose of the "carcase". Wow, it was delicious and you learn new things everyday... the funny thing is, the table next to us was 2 tourist as well and was sharing a table with 2 other local and they were showing them the way as well (we were not the only ignorant one, lol)

Bacalao (Cod)
Bacalao is a traditional Basque dish, it's salted cod served with just a simple tomato sauce here. This was no way near the Chinese Salted fish or the close similar Portuguese Bacalhau, this was barely salted and the fish kept it fresh flaky taste and texture.

All their tapas that we had are very simply prepare with just a touch of salt and olive oil since the ingredients are so fresh but cooked to perfection. 

Simple perfectly cooked calamari


Langostina (Landostines / Norwegian Lobster)
Simple fresh with just salt and pepper.


And of course cheap local barrel wine!

There's already a wait outside when we were leaving.

This chalkboard menu is probably older than me.

This was one of my favorite #TravelEat experience in Spain
Love the history and love to experience how the local eats.
Simple, fresh and super affordable dishes!!!

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