Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Purple Pig [Chicago]

I just realize that I haven't finish posting about my April trip to Chicago. So here's an obvious Chicago stop since it's the #1 talk of the town on Urbansppon ; The Purple Pig (@ThePigChicago) and since they didn't take reservation we end up waiting for about an hour. Good thing is that we got a spot to sit and wait at the back with a bottle of wine ;)

With the popularity of the place, I am surprise that it didn't expand and stay at such a small spot.
I notice that it's the norm to have the heat rather high in Chicago, we were basically sweating everywhere we went and with the open kitchen here, it wasn't helping... and you will smell of meat and oil when you leave.

Perrin & Fils Vinsobres Les Cornuds 2007, Vallee du Rhone, France $54
Round and full bodied red that goes perfectly with the hearty fare.

 Menu clips on the light on top of our communal table

Roasted Bone Marrow w/ Herbs $12
This is what it is, 2 big fatty bone marrow served with a lot of bread and can I say the bread was divine... cut thick, lots of butter and well toasted w/ burnt edges ♥

 Fried Pig's Ear w/ Crispy Kale, pickled cherry peppers & fried Egg $8
Love the presentation in the piggy bowl and everything taste better with an egg on top right?
That aside, I love kale and pig's ear... but wish restaurant would embrace pig's ear texture rather than having a batter to fight it. Nonetheless it was tasty when mixed together but thought it was a tad salty.

Angry [OOTD]

I usually pair my flowery dresses with softer shoes/booties (like here and here) but decided to do something different this time and pair it with a darker sweater and a pair of studded motorcycle boot instead.

Outfit Details: 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

THR & Co.

I still haven't got a chance to go back to The Harbord Room (post here) and the mastermind behind it, have already open THR & Co. (@THRandCo) down the street.

The space is much more spacious, brighter and open than it's sister restaurant.  And unlike The Harbord Room, they have larger tables available. 
Love the vintage retro feel to the place with all the mix of colors from the mustard sofa, the wicker chairs, pink bar stools to the teal and red leather booths.

SOA $11
~ Trombra Tequila, Wild Berry & Balsamic Shrub, Fresh Lime & Ginger Beer
Loved this drink, it had just enough sweetness, acid and a def kick from the ginger beer.

Martinez $23
Forgot the exact ingredient, it was Ben's drink. Take a sip but didn't really like the herb-y flavor.

Fresh Burrata & Watermelon $13
~ avocado, pickled rind, arugula sprouts, sunflower seeds & vincotto
Love burrata and love the bright refreshing flavors here. Love the yellow and red watermelon wheel together with the pickled rind with the burrata... combination of sweet, sour and creamy goodness.

Aztec #2 [OOTD]

I love my summer dress and I'm not ready to part with them.... layers is the word.
This time around I just has a loose tee underneath to cover up the shoulder.

I can easily layer a sweater on top and the dress would be sort of a skirt (^_^)
(previous post of this dress here)

 I couldn't resist and got another Red bag and it was on sale at Kate Spade Outlet, isn't the box shape cute plus got it at a deal for $160 incl. tax.

Outfit Details: 
   Dress - ASOS; T-Shirt - Gap (sale); Bag - Kate Spade (Toronto Premium Outlet); 
Bootie - F21; Sunglasses (last year's) - Prada

Cafe Pamenar

As you may already notice, I am always in search for a coffee place to chill on the weekend. We decided to try out Cafe Pamenar (@cafepamenar) after our desert stop here in Kensington Market.

Love the long narrow space with the super long counter and they have both front + back patio.
Free wifi and electric outlet are available, which is great if you want to hangout for a bit.

Love the back patio

Missed on the foam/latte art... it sort of look like ``ahem, a certain private area``

 Cappuccino $3.10
The barista definitly redeemed herself on my second cup and me ordering a 2nd definetly mean I liked it. It was a darker traditional roast which I like.

Millie Creperie [Japanese/Dessert]

There's finally a Japanese Style Creperiein Toronto, so we decided to head over 2 weeks ago to the newly open Millie Creperie (@milliecreperie). It's on the outer side and also quieter side of Kensington Market on Baldwin and Spadina.

   There was no sign and you may easily pass by without noticing it. There's a few sitting space inside and a few chair outside. I wonder if they'll have a hard time in the winter with the limited space inside and the main ingredient of the crepes is ice cream.

Below is the sweet menu and they also have a savory menu or make to order crepe with your own choice of fillings.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Foodival [Giveaway-Closed]

 I'm giving away a pair of tickets to Foodival
(your choice of Daytime or Evening Session)

What: Toronto's First Carnival Themed Food Festival presented by Little Birdie Media Inc. and curated by Foodies on Foot (@foodiesonfoot) with reinvented Carnival and Childhood favorite food in Support of Real Food for Real Kids


When: Sunday Sep 29, 2013

Daytime 11:00-3:00pm or Evening (19+) 6:00-10:00pm)
Where: 99 Sudbury
Cost: Tickets are available here at $12.50 each ($7.50 for children under 14)

How to Enter 
1) Follow me @kiki_BFF and Foodies On Foot @foodiesonfoot on Twitter and Tweet the following
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Contest starts on Monday September 23rd to Friday Septermber 27th Noon.

The lucky winner will be chosen randomly and the winners will be announce shortly after the end of contest. 
Good Luck!!!

The Contest is now closed :
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* winner have been chosen randomly through

Thursday, September 19, 2013

LIL' BACI [Brunch]

One Saturday we decided to head to Leslieville for some ice cream/gelato but had to find a place for to eat first. We decided on LIL' BACI (@LilBaci) since I received a Strum reward for a free pizza. We pass by it many time and never thought of going in during the day since it always look empty....

The reason why it look so empty up front was because everyone was at the cute back patio....

Raspberry Lemonade $3.50 & Lil' Baci Bloody Caesar $7

 Lil Baci Baked Eggs $12
~ two eggs, roasted tomato, smoked provolone, Italian sausage, basil
 Love this; it was hot, warm, yummy and comforting. Def not your usual boring egg & sausage or poached eggs. All the flavor are just right without being too heavy or salty.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

School Bus [OOTD]

 I am so glad that all black outfit are back for fall/winter but since I am still holding on to the last days of summer, I decided to put in some neon accent.

Abbey`s Kitchen Stadium - #AKS Battle 2 [EVENT / GIVEAWAY-Closed]

Remember how much fun I had at Abbey`s Kitchen Stadium #AKS Battle 1 here and back in July we went back for Battle 2. Although I am not as familiar with the chefs for Battle 2 but the smell that welcome us erase me of any doubt. Not only a great food event but also a great way to raise money for the new local initiative My food My Way (MFMW).

Battle 2 secret ingredient this time is McClure's Pickles in both Classic Dill and Spicy.
and the four chefs pureed, minced, infused the pickles into all sort of yummy creations.

The 4 chefs competing that day were Jess Vallins of The Saint Tavern (@thesainttavern) , Peter Ramsay of The Geraldine (@GeraldineResto), Andres Marquez + Howard Dubrovsky of Fonda Lola (@FondaLola) and Rodney Bowers of Hey Meatball (@TeamHeyMeatball)

We found the source of the yummy smell that was drifting around and we just had to try it first and if was def my favorite of the day and we end up sharing a 2nd one (^_^)

Meatball Donair w/ McClure's Pickle Relish, pickled onion, donair sauce & herb salad
Everything was perfect from the bun to the juicy meatball to the delicious sauce.

 McClure's Pickle Soup 
~ w/ McClure's Fried Pickles, Pulled Pork & Mussels
Love love this soup as well, love the tang of the pickle in the light creamy soup. It was perfect for that hot summer day.

After some good food, I just had to get a drink and nothing beats a glass of cold White Wine from one of my fave local winery - Rosewood Estate (@Rosewoodwine) 2011 Semillon

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Xin Jiang Restaurant [Chinese]

Although living close by, this is only the 3rd time I have been there at Xin Jiang Restaurant and for lunch this time. Never thought of taking pictures and write about it but thought I should. One thig I love about this place is that the menu comes with a lot of pictures which is always great if you are not familiar with the cuisine.

Lamb & Fennel Dumplings $5.99
This was surprisingly good with lamb juices squirting out after a bite, the black vinegar wasn't really necessary. I have had lamb dumpling at other places in Toronto and they were either flavorless or way too gamey for my taste.

BBQ Lamb Kabob $1.99/ea
One of the best lamb kabob in the city, perfectly grilled and seasoned.

BBQ Beef Thin Tendon $1.99/ea
This was the first time we try thin tendon on it's own like that and on a skewers. It's usually my fave part when eating beef brisket. This was a bit tough and chewy which I like but thought it wasn't grilled properly and sort of cold.

Braised Lamb served over Nan $18.99
The presentation of the picture looked really good and we just had to order it. Thought it would be much smaller but it was actually a 8" nann and more than 1" thick. It was a rather large dish and after only one slice I had enough. I personally love the lamb but thought the nann was was too heavy and on the sweet side. But I guess it was just me cause Ben loved it and end up eating 4 slices. I would have prefer it with a bowl of rice with the lamb and the yummy sauce.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Carmen [Spanish]

Carmen (@carmensayz) have been open a few months now and have heard only but good things. It's after all from the duo behind Torito Tapas, Veronica Carmen Laudes and Chef Luis Valenzuela.

The 70 seats space includes a bar at the front and a main dinning room with an open kitchen.
 The space is rather eclectic but yet very clean and quite modern.

There's no long drink list here; only 4 cocktails, white/red sangria, a few beer and a short list of Spanish wines plus 5 sherry offerings.
 Red Sangria $14 
Have to say the sangria was good but really nothing special, I usually prefer white sangria but Ben ordered this for me instead.

 Federico Cocktail $12
~ Tequila, Lemon, Sage, Serrano Syrup
Ben ordered this and although I love the strong Tequila, the sage flavor was just as strong and was too overwhelming for me.

The menu here consist of both tradition and modern interpretations of Spanish tapas dishes and made to order paellas to choose from.

Tomate Verde frito con Queso Feta, Maiz y Pimentos $7
Was expecting a more acidic tomatoes which lack the pop of flavor, but everything else tasted great together including the sweet pepper and corn chutney with the powdery feta which separate each tomato layers.

Take Two [OOTD]

 It's been getting colder and jackets are out from storage... love this light green jacket I got on sale at Forever 21 which is light and comfy.

Remember a similar post here where I thought my tee didn't go, I choose a softer loose pink tee here which gave it a softer look... this is a much better version, don't you agree?!

Have to say I love these Sam Edelman fringe bootie since it's not only cute, it's super comfortable.

Outfit Details: 
Jacket - F21; T-Shirt, Skirt - H&M; Booties - Sam Edelman;
Bag - Vintage Coach; Bracelet - J Crew+Vintage+F21

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Home of the Brave

The recently open Home of the Brave (@theHOTB) by TUM alum / La Carnita (post here) Andrew Richmond... glad that all the exciting restaurant opening up on King West like Valdez across the street. No reservation and we told that there'll be a 45mins wait (leave phone# n come back) but end up being only around 20mins.

Love the urban vibe with the steel walls, subway tiles, industrial finishes and blackboard beams.
I especially love the lights hanging by the bar (^_^)

The menu consist of American comfort food, offering original takes on regional specialties and homestyle cooking that we Canadian probably forgot or never seen before.

Have to say I love everything including the open kitchen but it was so hot in there when I went last week and with no AC, it's difficult to enjoy our meal fully when we are sweating like pigs (>_<)

Zombie Slushie
~ three type of rum, grapefruit, pineapple, bitters & cinnamon syrup
This was an extremely strong cocktail, definitely worth your dollar worth.

Zombie Slushie: Three Types of Rum, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Bitters, Cinnamon Syrup

- See more at:

Tater Tots $5
~ Crispy Potatoes. Cheese, gravy, herbs
This was almost like gnocchi, so crispy and soft at the same time. It was perfect with the extra thick and yummy gravy.