Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Food & Wine Expo 2010

Went to the Food & Wine Expo 2 weeks ago and just want to share some pics... it's my 2nd year go to this Expo, it's just good time spend with go friends & alcohol (^_^) We just took the subway down so that everyone of us can drink and won't need to worry about driving back uptown, which was great since we also save on parking plus we also got to go to dinner together afterward at Utopia (see post here)

Monday, November 29, 2010


We told ourselves that we'll have to go to Utopia Cafe next when we were at Frank's Kitchen here since it's was just next door and was pack all night long. And it's voted #3 on blogto The Best Nachos in Toronto list. So after the Food & Wine Expo last week, we headed over. It was full by the time we got there at around 7:00pm (no reservation) and we have to wait at the bar (even more drinks after the Expo). Good thing we came a little bit early, by the time we sat down at the bar, groups of people poured in...

@ the bar waiting :

The bar was right next to the tiny open kitchen, love the colorful plates :

After 15-20 minutes wait as promised, 
we got a table at the back and during summer the roof open up as a patio :

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It Bites !!!

I have always love buying affordable accessories/ jewels, anything from bangles,  necklaces, earrings, sunglasses... but never rings.This year, I've started to enjoy wering them especially a few at a time... and I just can't wait to show you my recent purchase. The Alchemy Adderbite Snake Ring that I bought on ebay. I have been going back and forth for a while to buy this or not since it's around $50 and I can only find it online. But as soon as I lay eyes on the real thing, all doubt disappear ♥ Loving it ♥ it's so fierce.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is my second time at L.A.B which is an acronym for Live And Breath. The first time was a girl date back in May when they just opened and it was the name that attracted me instantly. When I was there I regretted immediately of not having including the guys since I know Ben will love both the decor and concept of the place. The opportunity finally came when I got the Fab Find coupon of $60 for $30 deal.

Howard Dubrovsky, owner & co-chef is the mad scientist w/ a full molecular arsenal behind these dishes.

We started off with a drink each since we didn't want to open a bottle of wine since we are going to the Food & Wine Expo the next day. So I order the Kentucky Apple which consist of Woodford Boubon, Apple Juice, Bitters, Honey & Red Wine whereas Ben has 2 pint of beer. The funny thing is when Ben ordered he 2nd glass, he ask for something but the waiter just recommended something else and he went with it which was not regretted. I just adore how friendly the service are in these smaller restaurant that I like going.

Sweet Corn Spaetzle ~ Corn Puree / Collard Greens / Caramelized Cheddar / Popcorn Shoots. 
This was more than I ever expected, the shoots (long yellow strips) was super sweet and the sweet cheddar sauce goes perfectly with the crispy outside and soft & chewy inside spaetzle which is balance off by the slightly bitter collard.

Smoked Tomato Salad ~ Ontario Buffalo Mozzerella / Toasted Bread / Pliable Oil.
Super fresh tomatoes, each color having it's own texture and flavour w/ the best mozzerella w/ the perfect dressing. Very refreshing ♥

Casual Friday

Here's my work/play outfit, we do have business casual dress code Mon-Thurs and then causal Friday, Yeah !!!
What a great way to end my work week. These were taken after a dinner date with Ben at L.A.B. (post will be coming up soon).
Bought these tied up sued wedge online at f21 , just want to get it the moment I saw it. It has been a while since I bought any wedges and this is my first time wearing it w/ my new Little Burgandy bag that I show you here (^_^)

The extra large shirt was on sale from Aritzia back in spring.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Southern Accent

Went to Southern Accent 2 weeks ago after my shopping trip here. Yes I've been lazy and only posting it now. It was a very special experience although I wouldn't say the food was excellent, the atmosphere make up for it....  Once you step in this lace, you'll forget you're in Toronto, Southern Accent looks and feels like New Orleans.

Take advantage of their seasonal $25 Prix Fixe menu which you get to choose your Appetizer, entree & dessert. We end up order one prix fixe each + 2 additional appetizer + 2 drinks.
 My Cajun Caesar ~ Jalapeno infused vodka, Clamato, Spices & their own SA rim. This is the spiciest caesar I ever had and I love spicy =P

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Front or Back ?!?

When I bought this at UO in store on the sale rack, I thought the V was in the front and was telling myself that I'll wear a cami underneath and it'll be great for work.... then went I was browsing their website at home, I realise that the V is suppose to be at the back. LOL ! Love it even more... these days I'll wear the V at the front for work and V at back when I go out...
(sorry, it was raining like hell outside and was so tired after work.. so just took a quick pic)
As you may already know, I fell in love anything flower this summer... here's another prof, look at a close up of the dress... and have been loving purple too, purple dress,purple eyeshadow.....

Saw this super platform Mary-Janes on f21 while browsing online a month ago and bought it right away... love the super high chunky heels, just remind me of the Jeffrey Campbell Mary Jane that's 5 times the price. It just make your legs extra super slim long =D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can't Wait

I originally wanted to go to the Shiseido warehouse sale this Saturday but when I got there, the line up was so long that I gave up and went for Lunch & then shopping at Yorkdale =P

Good thing I already went to Sephora a few days ago to take advantage of the 20% Sephora VIB discount savings and replenish my Caudalie eye cream & serum. I tried Lancome liquid foundation a few years back but didn't like it at all, but this summer I gave it one more chance and bought the Teint Idole Fresh Wear which is a 18hr shine free makeup w/ SPF 15, it was so lightweight that I love it and wore it almost everyday... while it's perfect for summer, I wanted something heavier for winter so I'm giving this Teint Idole liquid foundation a try. And I have always meant to try Stella Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx (black) but each time I'm at Sephora, it's sold out....so glad I got it this time with the discount... try it and love it, the formula glides on perfectly without dragging like most pencil eyeliners... if you don't have one, please do try it.

I started to like wearing flowers pattern this summer and now I'm loving lace... just the other day, I bought 2 lace skirt and I'm still looking for the perfect lace top. Here's one of the skirt I bought from H&M.

I'm so proud of myself that I haven't bought anything at Yorkdale until the last store... 
Went in Little Burgandy to look at some winter boots and saw this bag and just have to have it... so end up bringing this vintagey looking bag home, it's the must have structure bag of this seasons 

Then on my way to dinner dt, we was a bit early so we decided to walk around the area....saw this and it was so cute that I have to get this (^__^)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Frank's Kitchen

Me and a girlfriend wanted to go to Frank's Kitchen for a while now but they are always fully booked on the weekend. So we end up making reservation 3 weeks in advance.... but then only Friday is available. So please do make your reservation, every time I pass by, it's totally packed since it's a relatively small / narrow restaurant.

 Love the open Kitchen

The 4 of us end up ordering 2 bottles of red =P


Love their Breads, it's in house bakes and they give us an assortment: Mini Egg-wash Brioche (semi sweet), Epi Bread, Walnut Chianti & Pesto, garlic puree Focaccia (taste like pizza) w/ sides of Olive Puree & Sun dried tomato Puree

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Marben have been on my to-eat list (which by the way is pretty long) for a while and I finally make it there this Sunday....and I was very glad we went =D

Love how reclaimed wood is everywhere, from the undulating birch-ply and barnboard sculpture that spans the dining room to the cabinet behind a little counter where they sell various pickles and preserves.

Bare bulbs shine out from Mason jars and bird cage

Sky High

 All summer long I wanted to get the Jeffrey Campbell's Foxy Platforms but was indecisive because 1) it was very expansive US$145, 2) it's super high heel and 3) I couldn't find it in Toronto (buying online from US means paying shipping & custom)..... before being able to make up my mind the summer is over already....

Then the Lita came out and they are selling it in store at Little Burgundy for $160 but only in Black.... good thing that's the color I wanted although it comes in a zillion of colors since 1)black goes with everything and anything, 2) it's a really good contrast to the brown wooden heels =D Went in store twice to try it before buying it (I'm so indecisive), first time went in there and actually bought a lower heel booties and then the second time with my bf and ask his opinion (he doesn't mind me towering over him w/ my super high heels) and refund the one I bought before for this one.... yeah, FINALLY!!!