Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Southern Accent

Went to Southern Accent 2 weeks ago after my shopping trip here. Yes I've been lazy and only posting it now. It was a very special experience although I wouldn't say the food was excellent, the atmosphere make up for it....  Once you step in this lace, you'll forget you're in Toronto, Southern Accent looks and feels like New Orleans.

Take advantage of their seasonal $25 Prix Fixe menu which you get to choose your Appetizer, entree & dessert. We end up order one prix fixe each + 2 additional appetizer + 2 drinks.
 My Cajun Caesar ~ Jalapeno infused vodka, Clamato, Spices & their own SA rim. This is the spiciest caesar I ever had and I love spicy =P

Ben's Flying Monkeys Craft beer ~ a very flavorful local Beer... there's more and more local beer that I'm discovering and loving. There's other breweries other than Mill Street & Steam Whistle (which are great), like The Three Brewers, Duggan's Brewery and many more...a lot are even better than Montreal's (which I originally thought was good)

We both order the Gumbo as our appetizers for our Prix Fixe menu and it was spicy with a lot of sausage & meat, very nice in this cold weather.

Eating soul food, we had to get the cornbread, which was warm, light, fluffy melt in your mouth goodness w/ the big slice of butter.
We also another additional appetizers, the Blackened Chicken Livers which was tossed with their in-house blackening spices, sear in a cast iron pan, covered with fresh lemon beurre and served with Garlic Bread. It taste a lot better than it looks, you would think it's burned/overcook but it's the spice, the outside was slightly crispy with soft centers.

I order the Canjun Combo for my main, it's a combination of their signature dish which are the Blackened Chicken, Jambalaya, Hush Puppies, Bourbon candied yams & seared collards. I wouldn't say everything was great... the chicken was dry which was expected from white meat (I should have stick with my not ordering Chicken in non-Chinese restaurant rule), candies yams is just a mash which is nothing special, it was my first time trying the collards (the greens) which is slightly bitter which I love, the Jambalaya is a bit too sweet to my taste but I did love the Hush Puppies.

Ben ordered the Southern Fired Bayou Chicken which is a southern staple and according to our server it's not always on the menu and people request for email notification when it's available on the menu. It was served with mash & beans and top with a thick slightly spicy thick sauce. I should say that his main was much better than mine, the Chicken was very moist and flavorful and love the spicy sauce.

Dessert was nothing special and since we were full we order one of their bread pudding and one sorbet which was lighter.The sorbet was mango that day and it was clearly house made with small pieces of mango which was really refreshing and clench our pallet whereas the bread pudding was not that great, it was over cooked chewy dry.

Btw, we go a table that has sort of a tent around it... very cute (^_^)

Cool Note:
They have a fortune teller in front of the restaurant. We didn't do it but it would be fun if it was a girls night out.

I would recommend it due to the price, warm & unique atmosphere and food that you will probably not find anywhere else in Toronto.

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  1. I'm so glad your experience at Southern Accent was better than mine, Vickie! When I went in the summer, we sat outside on the patio which has far less "New Orleans feel" decor than the inside of the resto (which I noticed only when I went to the washroom). Also, our prix fixe selection that day was not as good as the one that you had; our fish (dry) and the paella (not spicy enough) was so-so. Wish there was the gumbo for us too. The chicken liver looks good! And I agree that the bread pudding sucked lol

  2. I don't think I'll go back anytime soon but I think it's a good expereice... it's those you have to go at least once places =P