Friday, November 5, 2010

School Bakery & Cafe x3

I went to School Bakery & Cafe 3 times, twice for Brunch back in April and June and once again 2 weeks ago for a mid-week de-stress dinner. I chose School mainly because I just read a review about dinner there (they were mainly known for Lunch/Brunch only) and also because it just happens that there was a FabFind deal of $15 for $30 coupon.

For my first visit back in April, the first sight when stepping into School was.... how could I not love it right away =D with all these goodies... both sweet & savory scones, muffins, cookies, squares...etc

The entire cafe is decorated in a School theme with all the clocks on the wall at 3:30 and blackboards everywhere... don't forget the apple centerpiece on each table and the clipboard menus

For our #1 visit for Sunday Brunch back in April, although it was super sunny outside, it was still a bit chilly so we opted to stay inside although the patio is open and pack.We start off you a mini savory scones

 Then came one of my favorite drink, Ceasar (love the extra kick from the fresh horseradish in there) and my bf ordered Lemonade.

My Egg White Fritatta of Shrimp with oven roast tomatoes & Spinach ~ it was so light and fluffy yet very flavorful. But when my bf dish arrives, I wanted to trade right away....

Smoky Bacon Cheese French Toast ~ this was both sweet and salty... crispy cheesy crust with the salty bacon and yet still serve with Maple Syrup, it may sounds wrong but it goes so well together... can't wait to go back again for it =D

And Ben insist that we order a side order of bacon and it came in a cute tiny skillet >O<

Btw, I love the brick building at the back and they also have a great flower mural which looks so pretty (*^.^*)

The 2nd time was back in June and it was such a great sunny day and so glad that there was still a table available for us at the back patio..... Look at the blue sky  (^-^)

Peanut Butter Smoothie & Tropical Berry Smoothie

Then we order the SBC Benni and a Burger which is really nothing special.... should have stick with my Brunch Fav = French Toast

I know it doesn't look that good but this Jalapeno sausages was quite yummy, with some supricing flavour

My recent visit for dinner was not bad overall.... very satisfying and serve it's purpose of de-stressing

Since I tried the Ceasar last time... i wanted something different, but end up choosing something very very similar which is the produce stand which consist of Cherry tomato, lime, basil, tomato juice, cachac, worecestershire, hot sauce and salt. It's a chucky Ceasar =P

Smoked Jalapeno BBQ Short Ribs, sounds much better than it actually taste... this was listed as a starter but the portion was huge. Although the sauce was very yummy, the ribs itself was really tough and we wasn't provided with a steak knife which make it even worst...

 Corn Bread w/ Mexican Honey, this was really good... there was a bit of a kick to it and I think there's Jalapeno in it which the honey balance really well... it was serve warm which is a must for corn bread or else it will taste dry and corse.

I order the Mexican Fried Chicken which was serve with the same honey as the corn bread... it was really delicious.... not bad at all....

Ben ordered the Amigo Burger ~ Organic Beef with Spicy Guacamole, Jack Cheese, Melted Onion & Grilled Tomato Salsa. Hummmm, yeah he order burger again although the one we had last time we were here wasn't that good. This one was better because of all the trimmings =D
There's one thing that I didn't like was their service, first order was mixed up (our to another table and another table to ours), then we didn't get a better knife for our short ribs and then when Ben order his Burger, he order a side order of Fires and the waitress didn't mention that the Burger comes with fries already =(
So here's more fries, it's a Chilli Pepper Fries w/ grated cheese & chillii mayo... good thing the fries was very very delicious.... but still we were so full that we can't finish it... hate wasting food =(

I will definitely go back for Brunch for it's yummy scones and French Toast but not for dinner

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  1. Bacon French Toast is to die for here... getting hungry....

  2. Cool! I got the same coupon too (not surprisingly lol). I actually went last week, all the way there, but they were closed for a private function. So mad! You know how The School is so out of the way even though its in downtown (not in downtown core).

    Totally agree about the service. It sucks!

  3. Yes it's a bit out of theway, but we drive down from uptown anyway and at least no need to pay for parking there... I did call ahead for reservation and it was quite empty, guess because it was on a Wed night.

    I found the morning service a bit better =P

  4. We had a late lunch there today ... it was good.