Monday, August 8, 2016

Beerfest 2016 [TFOB - Toronto's Festival of Beer - Event]

As our annual tradition, we are back to the annual Toronto's Festival of Beer (@tobeerfestival) , it was so much fun as usual and so much so more this year since Ben (Instagram: @beeru_san) started to write about beer.

There was some good and some bad, some old and new faves.

Boxer Watermelon 
Let's start with the worst, this was the worst of the day, so very sweet and artificial

Red Racer
Super cute bike contest

Les 3 Brasseurs (@3brasseursCA)

Where all the craft beer craze started as per Ben and so glad to shear they will be launching more selection at the LCBO.

Probably one of the best and funnest booth at TFOB every year with live music and dj at all time plus a dance floor. And you can't be at beerfest without grabbing all the free sunnies; yes collect them all!

After last year's Irish Pavilion, it's Sweden this time and we couldn't be happier. Famous for their sour beer, it was a great change of pace from all the IPAs and Lagers around. And 2 of our favorites was the Tropical Thunder and Black Currant from Dugges Swedish Craft Beer.

Apart from the usually Ontario Craft Beer tents, I was glad to see another smaller tent on the side with the new smaller Ontario breweries.

Gananoque Brewing Company (@GanBrewingCo)
~ Naughty Otter Lager

Old Flame Brewing Co. (@oldflamebrewery)
~ She Left me Blue - Blueberry Blond Ale (see post here)

~ Henderson's Best & Radicle Wheat Belgian Style Wit Beer

~ Common Lon American Pale Ale

~ 3 Speed Lager
That's probably the only beer from Amsterdam that we haven't try (our favorite being Boneshaker) and it was perfect for the hot day, light and smooth.

Def one of the cuter labels from Ontario Breweries.

~ Buenos Dias 
One of my current favorite Summer Beer with the different citrus flavors with a kick of saltiness, almost like a beer version of margarita.
~ Farm Table: Marzen
An very orangey amber malty lager 

As always, they have all king of special fun brew for the beerfest and this time we tried the Mohito which was super refreshing.

This one beer that I look for every year at beerfest, love this watermelon beer which they only pour during beerfest. They should really consider having this for production every summer.
~ Blond Jager Bomb
Jagermeister flavor beer was very interesting although not my cut of tea.

~ Prospect: Mosaic Single Hop IPA

Air Spray Temporary Tattoo station at Amsterdam Brewery (@amsterdambeer) w/ cute Boneshaker designs, this was a nice change to the sunglasses freebies that all other places have.

Unibroue (@Unibroue)
~ Ephemere Blueberry & Ephemere Pomme
La Fin du Monde have always been one of my favorite beer of all time which have won so many awards. And the rest of Unibroue beer never disappoint either and this new blueberry one is just so yummy that we got seconds.

Please follow my boo, Ben on Instagram: @beeru_san for beer reviews (^_^)

The Pie Commission (@PieCommish)
Finally got to try the Mac n Cheese limited flavor at the beerfest and it was delicious. Best ie in Toronto, perfect buttery flaky goodness.

Every year, it's getting bigger and better and we can't wait until next year.

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  1. This looks so fun!! I hope we can go next year - we're almost always on vacation when this takes place.