Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Zuberoa Restaurant [Spain - Gipuzkoa/San Sebastian]

Zuberoa Restaurant has a one Michelin Star located in Gipuzkpa just 15 mins away from San Sebastian inside a 15th century Basque Farmhouse. Love the rustic feel of the place, very "old-school" and the amazing Tasting menu is only 130pp with a totally affordable wine list.

Amuse Bouche

Sea Urchin royal w/ fennel flavor
This was perfect way to start off, the sea urchin and roe in the bubbly foam/broth had such intense flavor that it instantly wake up my palette.

Spider crab & prawns ravioli in it's broth

Scallop, cauliflower & spring mushroom (zizas) emulsion w/ brazed endive

Confit cod fish chin, brandad & "Vizcaina" Sauce
This is the fancier version of the same dish we had here, the tender slippery goodness of fish jowl/chin with a roasted pepper foam.

Egg yolk spring-like
Look and taste like spring, highlight the freshness of the ingredients perfectly.

Roasted anglerfish  stir fried squid tallarine
I was never a fan of cooked fish but this trip to Spain totally changed me, it so fresh and yummy here that I probably ate more fish in Spain than my whole life.

Confit Suckling Pig w/ Mashed Potatoes & Cumin flavoured Fruit Compote
So perfectly crispy skin with such moist meat.... never had a non-Chinese/Asian suckling piug that has such crisp skin. The flavor was so intense and love the saltiness with the sweet compote on the side.

Roasted Lamb Ribs

Lemon Thyme Confit Cherries w/ Sorbet & Danish Cookie

Chocolate, coffee & banana & orange nappage

Love the cheap wine list in Spain, even at this Michelin Star restaurant they have 30 wine and this one at around €50-60 is consider on the higher end for local Spain Wine list.
Rmirez de Ganuza Rioja Reserva 2008

Love everything we had especially the Suckling Pig was so perfect, totally crisp and super flavorful.
My only complain was there's too much foam/bubbles on everything.
Although not all staff are very fluent in English, they were all very attentive and friendly.
Yes, we did lick each of our plate clean (^_<)

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