Friday, August 19, 2016

Restaurante Kokotxa [San Sebastian - Spain]

Restaurante Kokotxa is a 1-Michelin star helm by chef Dani Lopez and Estela Velasco where they incorporate Chinese and Japanese elements to Spanish dishes. The name Kokotxa or Cococha in Spanish is a typical dish made from the bottom of the chin of hake in Basque Country.

They offer a 7 courses Market Menu €62pp for a 9 courses Tasting Menu €82pp and a small A-la-Carte menu. That's probably one of the best deal for a Michelin star restaurant, I was fortunate to read about it after being unsuccessful in making reservation for Mugaritz and Arzak for our San Sebastian 2 day stay. When we went, we had the tasting menu and an additional dish that I wanted to try. 
(price changes depending on the seasonal menu) 

We didn't take photo of the space but it's really very basic/contemporary with not much of a decor.

Amphora de Cobija del Pobre, Bierzo Mencia 2012
We are frankly not familiar with Spanish wine since there's barely any selection available here in Toronto, so again we asked our waiter to recommend a bottle that would go well with our Tasting Menu. This was amazing and goes well with both the red meat and the seafood, totally easy drinking

Right off the bad you can see the Japanese influence her with the plating, love the one bite snack.

Scalops Ceviche
~ baked sweet potato
Love all the bright colors, perfect for Spring time (we were there in May)

~ socarrat of its ink and marine stock
Socarrat is the rice that gets crunchy and forms a crust at the bottom of the paella pan. The crispy rice with the flavorful broth is basically a Spanish version of the Japanese Chazuke and love love love this version, Have always love the rice crispy bit at the bottom of the pan no matter what cuisine, the marine /seafood stock was just so sweet and fresh. 

Local Wild Mushrooms
~ Jerusalem artichoke cream, Iberian bacon
Simple yet such a pretty presentation,everything is cook to perfection but the different part about this dish is the black edible sand underneath that's made with almond, local cheese, squid ink and chocolate which add so much earthy flavors to all the earthy ingredients here. 

Fish of day
~ miso, shellfish 
Simple, fresh and perfectly cooked!!!

Venison Sirloin
~ carrot-orange & parsley

Piece of Ox Filet €28
~ crunchy ashes and spicy red
Read so much about this in online reviews and I just had to try it, so we order this on top of our tasting menu and it didn't disappoint. The cruchy ashes just add so much texture and flavor to the already delicious perfectly red piece of meat.

Apple, cheese & nuts
That was the exact description on our tasting menu and I was expecting a simple cheese platter but I guess that's just too plain and simple for a Michelin Star restaurant... and yes the candied nuts are actually cover in gold. And the apple sauce with the cream cheese are just too delicious.

Dark Chocolate Cream
~ orange and crispy almond blanket
It was almost too pretty to break but this should definitely come with a warning since the you can easily choke on the powder on top if you are not careful (cough cough**)

Vanilla Cream Pot w/ Chocolate Crumbles 
Just when we were so full and though we finally clean our last plate, this arrives and it was once again so delicious that we just had to finish them... fancy version of vanilla pudding with a perfectly crispy crumble.

At such affordable price for such an amazing dinner, I wish I can be back already.
Probably the cheapest Tasting Menu I came across when researching for Michelin Star Restaurant in Spain and I only discover it by accident when the other "popular" ones are n/a.

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