Friday, April 27, 2012

My life on Instagram (pt 1)

Just want to start doing a weekly post on the Instagram (follow me @ kiki_bff) that I post ;) What do you think?: Good Idea?  (^_^)

#1 My easy version of ombre nails: Purples Edition

#2 Latte + Best Cookies Ever at La Gourmand (see my post here) 

#4 Me, after 12hrs sleep/rest, my puffy itchy eyes from allegies are gone

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eight Wine Bar

This is another of the Teambuy deal, $49 for a 3-course prix fixe menu for 2 people. Great deal, ok reviews online but horrible service and food. We were so unsatisfied that we headed to another restaurant nearby for more food (post here). Eight Wine Bar is part of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto....

It had a high ceiling but I find the decor rather dated :(
Let's talk about service, we sat there for more than 25minutes before we were able to wave a waitress over to take our drink order and ask for water. Wine came but no water and we said that we were ready to order but was told to give her a sec... another 10 minutes pass before she came back to take our order, I ask some question about the menu but was given the exact description as was on the menu, no other explanation... felt like she wants to leave and not talk at all.... water wasn't here yet, we ask once more and one bottle came after the other.. and here we were at a tiny table with 2 water bottles, 1 wine decanter, 2 wine glasses and 2 water glasses (>~<)

The wine boxes was actually scatted like that.... not good looking.

Quebec Foie Gras
~ Blueberry Maple Demi, Vanilla Rosemary French Toast, Doubled Smoked Bacon Crisp
I was surprise that Foie Gras was included on the prix fixe menu at no extra cost and was so excited since I ♥ my foie gras. But really, first time have a seared foie gras that was dry and overcook. It tasted like it's pre-cooked, what a horror... and the bacon wasn't even crispy.
Failed (>_<)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swish by Han

As I probably mention before, I'm just not a big fan of fusion since it's rarely done right and more often than not left me confuse.
That's why I've been reluctant to try Swish by Han (@swish_by_han), a Korean Fusion restaurant until Justine (@foodigatorJ) sugested we meet up there together with Mary (@citrusblack). This was my first time meeting them back in January and we have been coming out for good food and drinks a few time since then
 (and yes I knoiw I`m so behind on my post, you can see their post here and here)

Love tyhe warm woody and bare brick decor with the chandeliers and an entire wall cover by a picture of traditional pot of Korean sauce pots.

Soju Mojito ($9.50)
~ Havana Club White Rum, mint, fresh lime juice, soda, cucumber foam
Since I'm a big fan of mojito, I was just have to order this and it was really refreshing with the cucumber foam which made it different from a traditional mojito

Soo Yook - 48 hour braised beef ($12)
This very similar to the chinese version except it is served with a side of salad which was tangy sweet with strong dose of sesame oil. JUst love the presentation with the thinly sliced beef and colorful salad on the board. The entire dish was very flavorful, the beef was melt in youwith just the right amount of texture from the tendons and fat and pair perfectly with the salade. And according to Justine, it's a very authentic Korean dish... I'll order this again in a heartbeat (^_^)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was so excited to finally try Bestellen, the recently open restaurant by Top Chef Canada Season One (big fan) finalist Rob Rossi (@ChefRobRossi) and Ryan Sarfeld (@RyanSarfeld). Arriving, I was immediately drawn to the dry age room that's right across from the bar dividing the front and back section of the restaurant. I knew they had a dry age room but wasn't expecting such a big one. This is definitely not a place for vegetarian but perfect for a meatlover like me. (^_^)

Thanks Chef Carl Heinrich for smilling at the camera and beside him Chef Curtis Luk both fromTop Chef Canada Season 2  (^_^)

Love the "farm" decor from the wood tables, the benches along the wall, the red chairs, the wood panel ceiling to the blackboard for the wine list that took the whole wall on one side and a mural of pig & cow parts on the other. Not to mention the super attantive and friendly staff.
Just ♥ this place!

Green Brunch

This is normally what I'll wear for lunch/brunch on the weekend, something comfy yet cute...
I realise on St.Patrick's day that I asctually don't ownedanything in St Patrick's green... so that's the closest I havein hand =P

Outfit Details :
Dress -Rory Beca for F21 ; Sweater- Zara; Boots - UO; Bag - Danier

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hawker Bar

For those of you who follow me on Twitter/Foodspotting/Instagram (@kiki_BFF), you should know that I went to Porchetta & Co (see my previous post here) for the Soft Shell Crab Po Boy special this past Saturday. Since we (me, @_aneb & @qinn) were in the area, we decided to go to grab a Portugese Custard Tarts at Venezia Bakery... then one thing lead to another, we pass right by Hawker Bar (@HawkerBar) and decided to head in for a ligth snack.
What was just a quick sandwich dinner end up being a mini food crawl (^_^)

Hawker Bar serves up Singapore style seed food is the new addition to the already culinary diversity of the Ossington strip which is definitely a first found in Toronto.

 It's an very small space and just love the stools and the cardboard menu, very earthy and green.
We were also offered ginger tea

Monday, April 16, 2012

Red Lips

Rocking red lips for our Romatic dinner here.
I'm trying to embrace boldeer color on the lips these days but red is still something that I would only wear for a night out... it just don't look right on me as a everyday look even with ver neutral makeup, I just envied girls who can rock it so casually

♥ Instagram, follow me kiki_bff

Outfit Details :
Dress & Cuff - F21; Faux Leather Jacket - Zara; Bag - Rebecca Minkoff from Holt Renfrew
Lips - M.A.C (Cherry Lip Pencil + Satin Red A20 lipstick + Wonderwoman Lipgloss)


Got a Teambuy deal of $19 for $40 worth to spend at Margarita's  and why not cause I'm always up for a taco and margaritas (^_^) But what didn't prepare me was the rather pricey menu and the tacky decor.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miss Cora`s Kitchen

Pass by Miss Cora`s Kitchen so many times at Kensington Market but we are either too full or it`s sold out (like here) of the Butterscotch Bacon Cookie that I wanted to try....

This time around, I finally get to eat it (^_^)
Huge Butterscotch Bacon Cookie...yummmmmmmm
This time we bought two, one for each so no fighting over the yummy goodness
It was a chewy cookie with bits of bacon and you can definitely taste the bacon throughout the butterscotch cookie which sort of balance the sweetness

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drug Store Browsing ;)

Relaxing outfit to run errands on the weekend with bright lips and shoes just to brighthen up an otherwise dark and boring outfit

Bought these neon pink converse almost 2 years ago, can't believe it'll still be trendy

Outfit Details :
T-shirt - H&M; Skirt & Faux Leather Jacket - ZARA; Bag - Marc by Marc Jacob; Necklace - ASOS
Shoe - Converse (bought it at a Outlet in the states for less than $20);
Lipstick - MAC Nickie Viva Glam (post here).

Windsor Arms : Prime

I got a WagJag deal, $69 Prix Fixe menu for 2 at Windsor Arm's Prime Steakhouse which seems to be pretty good deal with choice of 10oz steak as entree.... service was excellent but the food was a disappointment :(

Arriving on a Friday night at around 8:30 and
it was pretty empty except of 2-3 tables and I started to panic

Their dips was the best thing of the night, love all 3 flavors: Tomato, Olive and Hummus
We had almost 2 basket of bread with it between just the 2 of us =P

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pink Jacket

You should be getting tired of me wearing my black faux leather jacket all the time, a few example like here, here, here, here and so many more... so I bought a pink one for this spring (^_^)
But let's be frank here, although this is cute and all, I think we have to agree that the black one is more easy to match and basically more me so you'll probably see it many more times =P

The bow and the pink is a bit overly girly for me, so to add abit od edge I added an animal print scarve.... what do you thing, good pairing? Any oher suggestion to toughten up an outfit?

Outfit Details:
Top, Belt & Scarve  -H&M; Faux Leather Jacket - ZARA; Skirt & Boots - UO;
Bag - Danier

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I went to Scarpetta (Twitter: @ScarpettaTO) about 2 year ago for my birthday dinner (see my post here) and I was disappointed. A few months ago there's a new Chef de Cuisine in charge and knowing I had a bad experience, Chef Michael Hunter (@Chef_Hunter) ask me to give it another chance promising to make it up to me...
.... and he definetly did (^_^)

The bread basket didn't change much, with an assortment and I like all of it
(order a bottle of wine as well but didn't get to take a picture and I totally forgot what we had)

The famous Stromboli, just as good as I remember
Sorry my pictures here doesn't really do the dishes justise since our table didn't have any decent lighting but only a candle :(

Duck Liver Pate
Complimentary amuse bouche, so yummy smooth and love the tartness from the pickled on top, it just sort of wake up your palate

Yellowtail $18
~ Olio de Zenzero & Pickled Red Onion
It was fresh with a suble flavor from the ginger oil and another pop of flavor from the red onion


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hopgood's Foodliner

Hopgood as in Geoff Hopgood, ex Hoof Cafe, so of course Foodliner has been on my list since it first open. The menu is a homage to his eastern Canadian NOva Scotia roots giving a playful twist to clasics like donairs and maritime poutine. The menu is short and simple which I love, and oh they take reservation (^_^)
There's 2 section, at the front where the bar is located is bright and welcoming whereas the back which is a bit darker but more intimate.

Pass by the kitchen on your way back

At the back section, it much darker which is horrible for picture taking, so if you are like me make sure to mention you would prefer a table at the front at time of reservation.
Look at the shelf full of Triscuit & Carnation :)