Friday, March 30, 2012

Salt Wine Bar

I have pretty much tried most of the restaurant on this part of Ossington and Salt Wine Bar (@saltwinebar) just sort of completed the list... I`ll have to say I regretted of not having came earlier since it`s now on my list of favorite place to eat. The place was really pack, so make sure you make reservation.

Love how the walls are line with wines, perfect together with the simple tables and Chair... with the lighting, I felt like in a basement wine cellar :)

 Bacon Ceasar $8
~ Canadian Club, a touch of red wine, house made spicy, smoked tomato-bacon juice, bacon salt rim, celery, lemon and maple bacon garnish
 I was in love ♥ thanks to the tallented Jen (@whisky_jameson) who is behing the bar at Salt Wine Bar. I just can't decide which one I like better the one from Barque here or this one (^_^)?
I guess the bacon flavor here is more subtle (in a good way) but spicier and stronger alcohol
♥ both of them

 I just love tapas style restaurent where you share dishes, cause then I can try more in one night =P
We had a pretty late lunch, so this time the 2 of us didn't order as much as we are normally use to.
Fluke Ceviche
+ jicama, red chili, cucumber, basil, coriander and mint
The fluke was cut paper thin, it was so fresh and refreshing perfect with the pop of flavor from the chili and yet cool down by the cucumber, basil, coriander and mint at the same time.

Little Nicky's Coffee

I can't believe I have never been to Little Nicky's Coffee until now since I'm in the area all the time and especially having heard so much about their mini donut

It was fairy packed when we got there on a Saturday afternnon and we barely manage to grab the last table.

Latte & Oatmeal Cookie



And tada, the star of the day : Freshly made Mini Donuts
It was just delicious tossed with powdered sugar and cinnamon. perfect with a cup of coffee (^_^)
Bite size, crispy outside and fluffy inside... what else could you ask for?!?

It was made right in front of your eyes, just the cuttest machine ever and oh someone was camera shy ;)

By the time we leave, the place got pretty empty pretty quick

Verdict :
Off Queen Street, this is just the perfect place for a coffee break after some intense shopping =P
And will just go back for the fresh yummy cute donuts

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We originally Intended to head to Porchetta & Co but totally forgot that they are close on Sunday until we reach there (>_<) So we decided to head up the street for L'Ouvrier since I have been meaning to try it anyway (^_^)

It was packed when we arrive and 
we just happen to get a table by the front at the only "fushia/red" table (^_^)

Is it just me or is everywhere using these Bourbon bottle to serve water?!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mini or Maxi ?!?

Can't decide between a mini and maxi? 
How about both (^_^)

I find the longer back for flowy and light dress like this are perfect for slightly windy days, it'll definitely not blow up as easily =P

Outfit Details: 
Dress - F21; Jacket - Romwe; Shoes - Lulu Edelman from Shoe Sales; Bag - Danier
Sunglasses - Aldo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The County General

 Finally made my way to The County General for Brunch, previously Oddfellows location. I have heard so much about their Chicken Sandwich and also their Croque Madame which is voted Best Breakfast Sandwich by Toronto Life.

Love how they got rid of the long communal table from Oddfellow days, it just open up the space instantly with the tables push to one side and the long bar at the back... the long strips of wood on the ceiling and behing the bar just lengthen the place visually (^_^)


Love the tea towel as napkin together with the rooster plate

Spiked Hot Apple Cider & Muskoka Double chocolate Stout

Neon + Tribal

Neon & Tribal Prints are 2 of the big trend this Spring & Summer, 
what do you think of me combining the 2 ?!?!!

Remember the same skirt back here a year ago, just added the neon jacket and a pile of bracelets to update it (^_^)

Outfit Details: 
Skirt (come w/ belt) - F21; Tank & Jacket -H&M; Shoe - Aldo

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I was invited for a blogger preview to Pachuco (@PachucoResto)back in January, I have been twitting and facebooking my experience there but never really got to writing the actual post... I felt really bad (>~<) As part of the invite, we were offer two free dishes for our entire meal. Pachuco is a tiny place, located at the basement of Embrujo Flamenco and shares the same kitchen = make reservation.

Margarita Sampler $15 for 3 flavor
~ Spicy Mango, Guava & Strawberry Mint
My favorite was the spicy mango, love the combination of sweet, spicy and salty; whereas the guava was too sweet for me and the strawberry mint wasn't minty enough. 
Can taste that a really nice tequila was use and use not with a light hand either, love it ♥ but hate how quickly it start separating (as you can see here and that's as it arrives at the table)

Lipstick for Fall

I am not a big fan of lipstick for many years since my lips get chap so easily no matter how often I apply lip balm and I try many types/brand.The ones that work great for my friends leave my lips even drier and flakier (>_<) Sometimes to the point that it bleeds and hurt... so for those many years, I try to to be adventurous with my eyes instead. Then I read a great review of the Kiehl's Lip Balm from a beauty blog that I follow, so I decided to give it a try and I fell in love instantly. I look kind of greasy when you look at it but it feel wonderful when it's on and it stay put while sinking into your lips at the same time. And it comes  in pots, tubes, with SPF, tinted, scented and unscented... I like the pot version since I prefer applying with my fingers. Now that I have softer lips, I can experience more lip colors (^_^)

Tom Ford in 04 Indian Rose
Got this as a Birthday present and I still haven't really use it... it's really too pretty to be use =P
I did try it but it's a bit to mauvey rose for my skin tone and look a bit out of place with it.

Great lipstick for a great cause, I bought last year Lady Gaga one as well which was more a baby pink whereas this one is much brighter... Don't be scared since it's actually more wearable than you'll expect and this have a satin finish which is easier on the skin compare to a bright matte version. 
After a few wear of this, I'm tempted to try a more neon pink version =P

Have been wanting to try on these lavender color for a while, always wonder what it'll look like on and once I tried it on in store, I felt in love and just had to buy both the lipstick & gloss. It's really soft and sort of give you the same look as baby pink would but this is even easier to carry in my opinion... go in store and try it out and see what I mean.
The Sheen Supreme really redefines shine, it gives a soft glossy succulent color. 
Love how light and moist it feels ♥

Monday, March 12, 2012

Luma (Winterlicious 2012)

Was looking a place for a double date dinner with my girlfriend and her new beau and since it was Winterlicious, I decided to go back to Luma since I had a rather good experience here back in December. The lunch at Rosewater here and this dinner is the only Winterlicious I went to this year, so I was hoping that both will be great...

Roasted Beetroot Soup
~ blue cheese, walnut & apple
Sweet smooth delicious goodness

Chicken Liver + Foie Gras Paté
~ confit duck heart and braised lentils
This was one of the dish that attracted me from the Winterlicious menu since the one I had last time here was super delicious... 3 out of 4 of us ordered this and let's just say, all 3 were different portion size, my 2 friend's dish was bought out first and it was a great portion size and then mine arrive about a minute later... let just say my paté was half their size and comparing to the $8 I paid last time, this one was so much smaller which I could barely share with Ben (>_<)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Barque Smokehouse (Brunch)

Remember our epic FS eatup at Barque Smokehouse here, I have wanted to go back for Brunch... I'm just curious about a smokemeat brunch =P After a lot of FS temptation, I finally made it there and let's just say I'll definitely be going back.

Barque Ceasar
Candy Bacon Rim and Pickled Asparagus, need I say more

Hash Skillet
~ Potatoes, Smoked Brisket, onions, peppers, aged cheddar, 2 eggs sunny side up & Arugula Salad
Love love love, love the brisket and bits of bacon and even the potatoes was infuse with their flavor
Just look at the picture and you'll understand :)
Even the Arugula Salad on the side was so fresh and very very lightly dressed ♥