Friday, March 9, 2012

Barque Smokehouse (Brunch)

Remember our epic FS eatup at Barque Smokehouse here, I have wanted to go back for Brunch... I'm just curious about a smokemeat brunch =P After a lot of FS temptation, I finally made it there and let's just say I'll definitely be going back.

Barque Ceasar
Candy Bacon Rim and Pickled Asparagus, need I say more

Hash Skillet
~ Potatoes, Smoked Brisket, onions, peppers, aged cheddar, 2 eggs sunny side up & Arugula Salad
Love love love, love the brisket and bits of bacon and even the potatoes was infuse with their flavor
Just look at the picture and you'll understand :)
Even the Arugula Salad on the side was so fresh and very very lightly dressed ♥

Savory Pancake 
~ Smoked duck leg, blueberry compote, chevre
That's what I came for and I ♥ it.... as usual I love the sweet and savory combination.
Love how the blueberry is not all cook down and mushy, instead of a sauce, it's rather whole blueberries (^_^) No syrup required

Of course a side of Smoked Candied Bacon to share

Verdict :
Will be back for more smokey goodness
Have been craving for their dry rub wings that we had last time here

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  1. OoOo.. just look at those strips of lovely bacon :D Can't believe I still haven't been to Barque yet, but I'm hoping to go soon!

  2. You're not alone since I missed it too. How about getting gathering for another tweetup now that the weather is really good now? :)

    I love hash and can't even imagine how good their hash is with their bbq in it!