Thursday, November 17, 2011

Barque Smokehouse

Last month I've been to the first ever Foodspotting Eat-Up in Toronto, although I am not a member... you ask why, because I'm still using Blackberry (I'm waiting for my 4s) and I feel discriminated by Foodspotting since they don't have app for BB yet =( Anyhow, I can't give up on a food event especially when it's organized by a fellow foodie Mike (@chopstickhero) and since I've been meaning to try out Barque Smokehouse for a while =D

It was a Wednesday and it was pack. Love the bright atmosphere, great for pictures  (^_^)

Mike have kindly arrange for a family style tasting menu and let's just say I had a meat overload (^v^)

Creamy Celery Soup
~ this was a great start to the meal, although it looks sort of plain and boring the celery was pickled which gave it a pop of surprising flavor

Pulled Pork Nachos
~ this is not only my fave dish of the night but it will be my fave nachos dish I've had in Toronto
The pull pork was so flavorful and mois, not to mention the melt in your mouth beans.... some spice have been sprinkled on top of the nachos which tied all the flavor together 

Flatbread with Spicy Sausage

Smoked Chicken Wings (Dry rub & Spicy Chipotle)
I usually don't like dry rub and prefer my BBQ drench in sauce... but surprise surprise, the dry rub wings was a lot tastier than the Spicy Chipotle sauce... just thinking back make me drool =P

Ok break, some veggies

Barque Caesar w/ candied smoked bacon
~ Ouups nop no break... bacon, yummy sweet crispy smoky bacon

Mixed Green Salad w/ candied cashews and cranberries

 Smoked Chicken 
 w/ their Signature Chicken rub
This was very delicious as well and that means a lot given that I usually don't like "roast chicken" but I had too many of the chicken wings already to fully appreciate this =P 
(btw, this was good but I still like the dry rub chicken wing better)

This was very good, look dry but there was just enough of fat in it and it was in fact quite moist and the sauce/marinate was penetrated into every fiber

Dry Rub Baby Back Ribs
Love the rub but it wasn't soft and fall off the bone way that I like my ribs to be.
(like the one from here and here)

Side of colorful Veggies and Fries

We were so full that there was a lot of leftovers but there's still dessert coming

Chewy Chocolate Brownies w/ Vanilla ice-cream & raspberry coulis
This was served warm, with the perfect brownie crust and soft inside

Creme Brulee
It had the thick sugar crust and the custard the perfect consistency. But the star here was the Biscotti, it was chocolaty nad crunchy but not extremely dry as most biscotti out there

Great food, great service, great atmosphere and great company. Just so glad to have met some new foodies, hope there's be a lot more food adventures to come.

 Our server, he was the best

A peek into their huge smoker, brisket in the making

Washroom door handle =P

Verdict :
Although it's a bit far, I'll definitely come back for more, especially for their wings and nachos
Great price, great food and great service
Can you believe that it was only $30 per person before tax & tips for all the food here

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  2. Vickie! Thanks to you and Ben for coming to support my first Foodspotting Eatup! I'm glad you had a great time and got to eat some awesome smoked meats :)

    You technically can use Foodspotting through their Website to upload all your gorgeous food pics. But I have to admit, it's A LOT easier through an iPhone. :) Hope to see you on Foodspotting soon!

  3. Sad that I missed this :( Will have to hit this place up on my own soon! :)

  4. Winda : Thanks for taking your time and visiting my blog =D Took a look at yours and I especially loved the illustration you did with comments. Can't wait for your update on twitter

    Mike : I know I can, but I'll wait until i get my new phone to join =P

    Stella: You should def try the dry rub wings, soooooo good

  5. Wow, so much food! Too bad I couldn't make it. I want the creme brulee :P

  6. Still sad that I missed the FS Eatup but those pictures are luscious! Were you using a dslr? Also what's up with the app not available for bb but they have it for windows phone? :(

  7. I used both my old trusty Canon S90 and Sony Nex-5