Monday, November 21, 2011

Holy Chuck Burgers

Have already plan to visit Holy Chuck Burgers and I was lucky enough to bump into a TeamBuy deal just a few days before... I'm totally regretting of not buying more than one of the deal after my first bite into their burger =P

The decor is like most fast food places and the only thing that differentiate then was this cute game console but it wasn't working very well when Ben wanted to try it =P

 The Wall of frame and shame (>_<), I can see a lot of people finishing this without any problem but in 6 minutes including one of their thick Milkshake??? It's just unfathomable to me !?!?

The Holy Chuck (Signature Burger)
~ Bacon Double Cheeseburger & caramelized onion (AS IS!!!) No toppings allowed!
I made it a combo with fries and their specialty Milkshake (share between the 2 of us)
The Burger was cook medium rare, perfectly moist and meaty goodness... as you bite into it, juices start dripping and that's how moist and juicy it was. The cheese, bacon and caramelized onion was just enough, tying all the flavors together and I understand why no other toppings are needed here. The never frozen freshly grind meat does make a huge difference; the meat flavor/juices just explode in your mouth  (^_^) My only complain would have been the bun, it a bit too soft, light and airy for such a thick juicy burger.

And even the fries was so delicious, very well seasoned and we didn't even need ketchup with it =P
I don't remember the last time I ate so many fries with my burger. I would say the fries here are now my 2nd favorite, right behind my #1 fave Duck fat fries from WVRST here.

 Juicy & Meaty (^v^)

The Cowlorie
~ Bacon Doubled Cheeseburger, caramelized onions between two grilled cheese sandwich.
Ben originally wanted the Farmer's Threesome which have beef, lam & pork patties but they were sold out of the pork, so he order this one instead. This was exactly like mine but instead of the bun, there was 2 grilled cheese. This was surprisingly not heavy and my complain about the bun being too soft, problem solve here and who can complain about the extra cheese.

Bacon, Fudge & Sea Salt Milkshake
~ Made with 100% real ice cream (90% ice cream & 10% milk)
OMG, this was incredible.... it`s super thick since it`s basically ice cream. The bacon bits was smokey and crunchy, the sea salt enhance the smokiness and balance out the sweet fudgy shake. 
 I drank most of it and Ben swear that we should each get our own next time =P
This is so good, just can`t wait to go back to try all the other flavors, maybe the Wasabi, green onion and ginger shake?! =P

The Mad Cow
~ The Animal Feed which is a panko crusted portobello mushroom stuffed with feta & cream cheese toped with herb aioli + a Jr Cheeseburger
Can you believe that Ben wasn't full after the Cowlorie, so I suggested he try the Animal Feed and being the meat eater that he is... he order the Mad Cow =P
This arrive pipping hot, the portobello was just so hot, crispy and fill to the brim w/ cheese and by ordering the Mad Cow, you still get your meaty goodness... I will probably order this next time =P

Verdict :
The 2 of us ate 3 Burgers, that show how good it was. 
Everyone keep comparing Holy Chuck to Burger Priest but since I still have not been to the latter, I can't really compare (>_<) Hope I will be able to very soon =P
 But just for the Milkshake itself, it's worth coming

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  1. This place is a nice alternative to Burgers Priest... although not for long since they'll be opening up another location closer to us soon (maybe you'll finally get to try it!). And oh my god. That bacon, fudge & sea salt shake is to die for... amazing. Solid burgers and I agree about the fries (surprisingly good!).

    I also regret not buying more coupons... although I'm sure my waistline is thanking me :)

  2. Woohoo! Very happy to read such a good review because I bought two coupons lol ^_^

  3. I didn't like their "Animal Feed" patty. It was a bit too crusty (not soft), the feta and cream cheese mixture didn't taste that good, and the aioli they put on had way too much lemon. It was a miss for me.

    However, I did like the Holy Chuck burger... but you're not allowed any toppings. The Grind N' Shine is pretty much the exact same, except that it has fries and a fried egg in it... and you're allowed toppings... and it's the same price. haha so I think I will get that one from now on.

    it's walking distance from my office! dangerous! :)

  4. I like my Mad Cow though, maybe the portobllo sort of gave it more substance while I feel like the bun didn't and the cheese inside I guess will be a bit too overwhelming on it's own but perfect together with the beef =P
    But I have to say I like the simplicity of the Holy Chuck (^_^)I'll def try the Grind n Shine next time(saw ur pic, look so good) =P

  5. looks so yummy...i wish i bought a coupon or two! :(

  6. Ok so I read couple reviews about this place recently...and your post convinced me I need to actually visit this place asap!!

  7. Same here. Now I know how the holy chuck tastes, I will get the mad cow and a shake! They have added more new items like grilled asparagus & Bearnaise sauce or a foie gras burger also. YUM!

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