Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great Burger Kitchen

Bought a deal from Groupon back in May for Great Burger Kitchen at the Church St location and haven't had the opportunity to use it until September. Heard some good things about this locally source burger place and I was having rather high expectation =P

 I order the Burger of the Day

Love the thick cut bacon which was not super crispy or burn, with fat still intact. The burger was moist and love how it's not tightly pack, where you can still get the chuck of beef texture to it. But I'll have to say that there was barely any avocado and with the blue cheese you can't really taste it

 Not a big fan of the Onion Rings, it was not very fresh and not crispy =(

Love the wine cork wall by the entrance (^_^)

 Verdict :
The Burger was good, will have to try their Poutine next time

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  1. Just curious, how much was that burger? :)

  2. I'm disappointed that the onion rings weren't that great, because they look delicious in the photos! Haha