Friday, November 18, 2011

Oyster Night

I'm an Oyster addict and can basically eat dozens of it =P So me and my friends would organize Oyster Night from time to time, we could go buy a bunch of seafood home since eating out would be too $$$. We have been going to Diana's Seafood to get our Oysters for years because it's fresh, good variety and very affordable (^_^)
 Our Buys for 7 people

Oysters, Oysters & more Oysters
We bought 5-6 varieties, I personally like saltier not as creamy/meaty ones =D

Thanks for the guys for opening all these 

Fresh Sea Urchin (Uni)

Love raw Clams as much as the Oysters. 
It's extremely sweet and more of a crunchier texture which is a good change after all the "soft" Oysters. We bought smaller tiny ones and larger one and the best way to open clams w/ their thick shell is with a cleaver instead of using the same tiny Oyster knife which is very difficult and dangerousfor the un-skills like us =P

 Fresh Scallops, it was huge and although super fresh and sweet, it was extremely filling

My friend also prepare a few sides: veggies and dips, smoked salmon & bruschetta

and of course, some red wine =P
and white wine

and some 70% alcohol shots (ewwww, tasted like cough syrup)

ans Soju & Yogurt drinks

and finally dessert, Green Apple Beer Float ♥

Some Nachos to finish up the wine

Coconut Caribbean Rum Cake
We were all very skeptical in trying this but it was surprisingly light and not that sweet.
We all end up liking it a lot 

~ The End ~

For more pictures from the night, please go to my facebook album here


  1. I have got to try the green apple beer float!

  2. SpatulaGeek : You have too, all my friends love it =P