Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Recipe for Change 2016 [Event]

3 Hours
30 Chefs, Brewmasters and Winemakers
1 Cause

The tastiest way to promote healthy food and food literacy in schools, Recipe for Change 2016 is FoodShare's 7th annual signature fundraising event.
Among the hundreds of ways FoodShare (@FoodShareTO) moves our mission forward is a chance to connect, celebrate and savour.
Over 30 sweet and savoury dishes made with love by some of the city's best chefs in an intimate setting.
Lower Javis St and The Esplanade, South of the St. Lawrence

 Date & Time:
Thursday Feb 25, 2016
Ticket Details:  
$150 per person - all food and beverage inclusive

Get your tickets here before it's sold out

30 Top Chefs + 4 VQA Wineries + 3 Craft Breweries + Organic Teas + Freshly Brewed Coffees + Hand Crafted Desserts

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kissan [Indian Products - Butter Chicken Recipe]

I was lucky enough to be send some of the Kissan (@KissanInt) products to try and let me say that their products are so easy to use, especially with the recipes they feature online with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

About Kissan (from their website) :
Established in the mid 1970’s, Kissan International (Canada) Inc. remains as one of the leading wholesalers of authentic Indian products. Made in Canada, Kissan spice blends uses the finest fresh ingredients available. Created over 30 years ago, our famous Kissan Tandoori Masala still remains the top selling Tandoori Masala in all of Canada, and is sought after by Indian food lovers all around the world. The entire line of Kissan spices, pastes and sauces makes cooking authentic Indian food quick and easy for everyone.
Kissan was one of the very first companies to bring pure Desi ghee into the Indian market over 25 years ago. The technology and meticulous process used to make each bottle of Kissan Desi Ghee is a very unique one, which keeps Kissan Desi Ghee as one of the best-selling brands in the market.
Our line of Kissan oils are 100% pure and can be used for various means. Our popular Kissan Almond Oil is a 100% pure, rich and sweet oil that is excellent for moisturizing the skin and hair. It can also be used for cooking gourmet meals. Kissan pure oils are also used as key ingredients in numerous beauty products within the Canadian market.
The Kissan brand has evolved itself in the competitive Indian market for over 30 years. With distributors all over Canada and a Kisna Foods line in the United States, our business is continuously growing, as customers recognize Kissan as their brand of choice when it comes to exceptional quality products. The Kissan family would like to thank our distributors, retailers, and loyal customers for their ongoing support. 

The first think I tried was of course the Kissan Butter Chicken Sauce I got and trust me, I have tried quite a few brand since you need nothing more than Chicken meat and Kissan's is probably one  of the tastiest one I have tried so far.

Recipe for Quick & Delicious Butter Chicken :

1 jar (400ml) Kissan Butter Chicken Sauce
1 tsp Kissan Coconut Oil or Kissan Olive Oil
1 Lb boneless, skinless chicken, washed & cubed

Cooking Instructions:
1. Heat Kissan Coconut Oil or Kissan Olive Oil in frying pan over medium heat.
2. Add chicken cubes and sauté for a few minutes.
3. Add Kissan Butter Chicken Sauce and simmer on medium heat for approximately 10 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked.
4. Remove from heat and let it cool for a few minutes.
5. Garnish with coriander.
6. Serve with naan bread, roti or rice.

It was my first time using coconut oil for cooking and I was surprise that it didn't have any particular flavor to it. They have 3 types of different cooking sauce with similar easy recipes and I can't wait to try the Tikka Masala Sauce I got which i am sure would be delicious.

*** Products feature are complimentary. Opinions are my own***

Monday, January 4, 2016

Homemade Ramen 中國蘭州牛肉拉麵 [Chinese]

Ben heard from a friend saying that Homemade Ramen 中國蘭州牛肉拉麵 in Chinatown has the best Chinese hand-pulled noodle in Toronto, even better than our favorite, Magic Noodle (see post here). I would say it's a tied!!!
Sesame Pancake w/ Sliced Beef $4.99
This definitely doesn't look like the picture on their menu but I thought it tasted great. The sesame pancake was light while the beef was tender and flavorful.

Sliced Noodle with Hot & Sour Pork Meat Sauce $6.99
Ok really there was barely any pork in there which was a disappointment. But the noodle was amazing, I always like doughier and chewier hand sliced noodle versus hand pulled noodle and this one was perfect although their version is long and thinner than most. I guess this one is not cut by holding the dough and sliced by hand directly over boiling water or soup.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Antler Kitchen.Bar [Canadian]

Can I say it right off the bat that Antler Kitchen Bar (@AntlerKitchen) is my favorite restaurant of 2015 and it was to be expected from one of my favorite Toronto Chef, Chef Michael Hunter (@TheHunterChef). For so long we only got to taste his special dishes at special events, so glad that there's a permanent spot for all the goodness.

Antler celebrate regional ingredients with a menu that feature foraged ingredients and farmed game meat which mean you will find things other that the usual beef, pork and chicken. Farmed game meat and not hunted since Canada have very strict regulations for serving hunted game mean in restaurant (outlawed with exception for charity dinner).

The place have very limited seating with a long bar, although with 2 weeks advance reservation, we only got bar seats.

Wild Mushroom Tarte Tatin $10
~ caramelized onions, foraged mushrooms, sorrel walnut pesto, puff pastry
This is for me the perfect example of foraged ingredients with the yummy earthy mushrooms and did I mentioned the super flaky super buttery puff pastry, Mushroom + Puff Pastry = I'm in heaven!

Jamaican Venison Patty $9
~ spicy dipping sauce
What a great take on the classic street food, love how it's served in the paper bag. Made in house, the pasty is incredibly light and delicious... no idea how I can go back to the regular ones now. Even the side of scotch bonnet hot sauce mixed with the sweet red pepper puree was perfect with the savory minced venison.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lin's Chinese Bun 包子林 [Chinese - Scarborough]

 Lin's Chinese Bun 包子林 is hidden at a corner of a Chinese plaza at Finch and Midland. Last time we noticed it only after eating and notice that there was a long line, so we decided to come back this past weekend.

This is the type of small hidden gems that I want to keep to myself but too good not to share.
As the name says, it's mainly about boa aka Chinese steam bun but they also have items like marinated and smoke dishes which are just as delicious.

Fresh Tofu Pudding  特色豆腐脑 $2.49
The tofu is incredible smooth, I find it a tad bland so I added so chili oil which was perfect. And the liquid is perfect to go with the buns.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kinka Izakaya [Tasting Menu]

Due to the ending of a franchise contract between Kinka Family Inc. and Kitanoya Marketing Corp, all 3 locations of Guu Toronto will be renamed as Kinka Izakaya (@KinkaIzakayaTO).

The name Kinka means Golden Flower and symbolizes Happiness in Japanese and aside from their name, nothing is change. Same staff, menu and quality that we all know. In celebration of the name change, we were invited to a Tasting Dinner featuring their popular menu items.

Love their selection of sake, very reasonably priced, good price range and each location has a slightly different selection.

I never knew that have a 9-course tasting menu for $33pp, all favorite dishes from their menu.

Gomaae $4
~ blanched spinach w/ sesame sauce
Love the sesame sauce, thick and delicious; always love starting my meal here with this dish.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

La Merceria [Coffee]

Passed by La Merceria (@lamerceria) many times and I kept saying how I should come by this cute café for coffee one day and never did until a few weeks ago.

After entering, I realize it's a café slash home design store with display of household items for sale.