Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sea Witch Fish & Chips

I got invited to a media tasting at Sea Witch (@seawitchfc) on St.Claire West and frankly I pass by so many times but never notice this place before. The small neighborhood restaurant has a very simple menu with 5 fish of fish & chips or sandwiches to choose from (Halibut, Pickerel, Haddock, Cod and Arctic Char). Nothing fancy, just a few sides to choose from.

Chef & Owner Kevin Kowalczyk spent many years at Penrose Fish & Chips, so he knows a thing or two about fried fish. All the fish are fried and fries are fried in beef tallow here, the secret to the golden crisp batter.

Although the entire place look like reclaimed wood / furniture, love the contrast of the red tiles at the front which make a perfect backdrop for the fish & chips.

My Wonderful Kitchen 十粥十 [Richmond Hill - Chinese/Hong-Kong]

 This is my second post of My Wonderful Kitchen 十粥十 (see first one here), had some interesting dishes so I thought I should share.

Fried Fish Skin $3.99
They totally increase their price from $2.95 to $3.99 but it's still worth it, it was even a bigger portion that I remember.

Spicy Sour Pork Bone Soup $3.50
I originally though it would be an individual pot for one person but it was a huge pot with over 6 bowl of soup, what an amazing deal. Love the Chinese pickled mustard greens with the slight spiciness, definitely open up your appetite. Don't let the red chili foul you cause it was more white pepper spicy, so don't worry if you can't eat spicy food.

With rice vermicelli, it was definitely quite filling.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hakata Shoryuken Ramen [Japanese]

Ben won a coupon for Hakata Shoryuken Ramen (@hakatashoryuken) and being the ramen addict that he is, he jsut had to try it out right away. I am also rather curious to check it out since there so many competition around and this one seems to be non-Japanese operated.

They offer Hakata style Tonkotsu Ramen which is is one of the richest tasting ramen. The broth are made in house and it takes over 12 hours to get all the flavors. I saw a video they posted on their facebook page here where they actually smash the bones to get all the flavors out.

It's only fitting that there's Street Fighter artwork at a place call Shoryuken (aka Ken's Rising Dragon Fist). Love the Ramen weilding characters.

Chashu Lover $13.00
(+$1.00 for Black Tonkotsu Broth $ $1.50 Egg)
The black tonkotsu broth was delicious and the chashu was fatty melt in your mouth goodness, it is very different from the other ramen places. It's more braised to perfection with soy flavor to it, no grilling here.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A La Carte at the Gardiner Bistro [Brunch]

I was invited to A La Carte at the Gardiner Bistro to try out their brand new Brunch menu.

Love the open space with the floor to ceiling windows especially on this sunny day. Tables are also sparsely space which allow a more intimate meal/conversation.

Bread comes with their own Zaatar spice mix and olive oil for dipping.

Grilled Cheese $19
~ Brioche, melted brie, duck breast, tomato jam served w/ baby green salad or soup 
I can't never resist bread nor cheese, so it's normal that I love grilled cheese sandwich and add duck to it, yummmm. Love the perfectly grilled bread without the tiniest burnt and love the tomato jam instead of the tradition tomato soup. My only complain was that the salad was over-dressed.

L is For... Private Dinner Experiences

I was lucky enough to be invited by Yvonne aka th3hungrycat 為食貓 (@th3hungrycat) to her Private Dinner Experience with Chef Eyal Liebman (@LisFor_) and his partner both in business and in life Sommelier Rebecca Meir-Liebman (@RebeccaSomm) of  L is for...

There's a few way the food & wine pairing goes:
1) They will provide the wine and food pairing
2) They will come to your cellar to choose a few bottles and create a menu accordingly
3) You have choose specific bottle and ask them to do a pairing.

They are probably two of the most honest and nicest people in the industry, they are just so passionate. This was such a fun, yummy and educational night.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chef's Plate [Meal Kit]

You know I'm a fan of meal in a box concept especially since I never have time to go groceries shopping. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Chef's Plate (@chefsplateca) to try out their version.
They have the option of 2 Person Plan or a 4 Person Plan and for $10.95 per plate, it definitely cheaper than most take out.

All ingredients for each dish are provided pre-measured except basic like oil, salt and pepper. All the recipes include specialty ingredients uniquely sourced and developed by our Executive Chef Jason Rosso. Chef Rosso resume include being head chef at Sassafraz, co-hosting Restaurant Makeover, Mentor chef on Recipe to Riches and guess judge on Top Chef Canada. With that kind of resume, there's no doubt all the dishes will be tasty.

Curried Lamb Meatballs
This was the 4 person plan, which I got 2 sets of below ingredients.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dark Horse [Coffee]

Dark Horse Espresso (@darkhorsecafe) moved to a brand new bigger location just a few steps away from the original location (see my old post here) late last year. This location replaced the original store where it all began 8 years ago.

Taking over the ground floor of a new condo building, the space is bright with huge windows. It combine the new industrial ceilings with more rustic vintage elements that reminds you of the old spot. Love the long communal wooden bar that runs almost the entire length of the room.

You may recognize this big communal table with the bolted diner stools from the old location, it looks much more appropriate in this larger high ceiling space. And I can't help but love the wood accent wall that accentuate the space and the huge Tom Dixon Studio Punch Ball Pendant light.

The coffee and baked goods haven't change and they are still using the same Mirage machine. But theu have also added pour over, Chemex and drips coffee at this location.