Monday, May 23, 2016

Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea #TweakYourTea [Product/Recipes]

To celebrate the launch of Pure Leaf (Instagram: @pureleafcanada) unsweetened portfolio, I was asked to be part of their #TweakYourTea campaign where I had to create my own perfect Pure Leaf Tea combination with my own personal style.

 Pure Leaf is brewed from real tea leaves picked at their freshest to deliver a genuine tea experience. The Unsweetened Portfolio has 0 sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 calories.

I love creating my own simple cocktails during summer time and this was the perfect challenge for me. Plus being a tea lover, I usually brewed my own ice tea at home since I find the usual bottle/can ready made version out there to be too sweet to my taste but Pure Leaf tasted nothing like them.

Cucumber Mint Lemon Tea
 Ingredients: Cucumber / Fresh Mint Leaves / Honey / Ginger (optional) / Unsweetened Lemon Pure Leaf Tea / Egg White (optional) / Sake (optional)
Cucumber and Mint have always been two of my favorite summer flavors, I especially love infusing water or teas with it, there's nothing more refreshing on a hot day.
Here I muddles the mint leaves, cucumber and ginger before adding the rest of the ingredients to a shaker with ice but if you have time I would suggest to infused the tea with the cucumber and mint overnight in the fridge to incorporate the flavor more subtly without overpowering the tea flavor and also a clearer looking drink. 

Basil Balsamic Strawberry Black Tea Cocktail
 Ingredients: Strawberry / Fresh Basil Leaves / Balsamic Vinegar / Maple Syrup (optional) / Unsweetened Pure Leaf Black Tea / Tequila (optional)
Muddle the strawberries and basil leaves (tear it up to get extra flavor) directly in your shaker, add the balsamic with a light hand since you don't want your drink to taste like a salad dressing. Add the tea, tequila and ice to the shaker, shake, taste (add maple syrup or more balsamic as needed), use a fine mesh strainer when poured into glass and garnish with slice of strawberry and basil.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Old Flame Brewing Co. [Beer - Port Perry]

With the nice weather this past weekend, we couldn't resit going on a mini road trip again and to Port Perry this time for a visit to Old Flame Brewing Co. (@oldflamebrewery)

Love the rustic garage / barn feel here with a garage door that opens up to the patio.

Love the live band playing!!! At Old Flame, they always have different bad featured and with a large tasting room and patio, it was fun hanging out on this sunny Saturday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vineland Estate Winery Restaurant [20 Valley]

Went to Vineland Estate Winery Restaurant (@VinelandEstates) this past Easter Weekend for lunch and they were having their Spring Fling 3-course prix fixe menu for only $25pp. Their menu changes regularly depending on the what's seasonal and fresh.

The view and atmosphere is so breath taking no matter the season or weather at all the Wineries in Ontario that I've been, I am always surprise when someone from Toronto told me that they have never been to a winery in Ontario, they are definitely missing out.  That's the best vacation you can give yourself over a weekend, so relaxing and it just make me so happy each time (I swear it's not the alcohol talking)

East Coast Mussels
~ Mustard, Baby Fennel, Green Apple, Riesling
Love the presentation of the mussels, it's like a mini DIY project in itself (^_<) and it was so tasty, especially love the pop of texture and flavors of the mustard seeds.

Soup of the Day
Love the salty spicy chorizo and the tangy pesto with the creamy soup.

Nails ~ Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing is probably my favorite nail trend from last year, all you need is a few different color nail polish with no other tool needed.

Basically, you need to apply a base color (I like using white since it's like a blank canvas that you can create your own piece of art on) and dry brush random color on. Dry Brushing is basically try to get rid of as much polish as possible from your nail polish brush and paint on random stroke, the brush stroke/lines is what make this so cool. There's no right or wrong just like art and east to do!

Silver Base here with metallic fuchsia and blue.

Follow me on Instagram @kiki_bff  (#kikisbffnails) for all my DIY mani.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sawdust City Brewing Co. [Beer - Gravenhurst/Muskoka]

Recently the bf turned into a "beer guy" (pls follow him on Instagram @ahdoy2323 for mini beer reviews), so we decided to go on a mini beer trip few weeks ago since the weather had been so good. First brewery that came to mind was Sawdust City Brewing Co. (@sawdustcitybeer) after we fell in love with their Maple Butter Tart Beer recently, a dessert in a can (^_^).

Love the tasting room which they call "The Saloon" was surprisingly roomy with a long bar on one side and large windows looking into the brewing facility on the other.

There's 12 Draught Lines available daily at The Saloon including their 5 Core Brew plus seasonal and guest brews. We decided to share a flight of 5 tasters, we were given the tray to write the number we want from the blackboard.

#12 Vannessa 6%
~ guest tap by Nickle Brook / Saison
Hibiscus Beets Peach Belgian Ale! Sweet and a little sour & savory but we both wish it was more sour so the flavors can pop a bit more. It was a bit artificial tasting really!

#9 Winding Road 7%
~ Rye Saison
Very yummy with the right balance of malt and rye, we both agree that it was the best beer of the day. Easy drinking, smell of floral!

#11 Long Dark Voyage to Uranus 9%
~ Russian Imperial Stout
The roasted malt was way burnt as per Ben, it was a little harsh on the tastebuds and very high alcohol content of 9.5%. Smells chocolate and espresso! Thick, hoppy and dry!

#7 Twin Pines IIPA 8.8%
~ Double IPA
Their website describe it as a massively hopped double IPA and I definitely agree; it was green and harsh bitter that lingers in your mouth. According to Ben there's a lot of Magnum and Centennial Hops being use and method of dry hopping. 

#6 Marzen to the Beat Your own Drum 4.8%
~  Ale
Not very memorable, there wasn't much body to it with just some malt flavor here and there

Monday, April 11, 2016

Nails ~ Dotting Tool

If you follow me on Instagram (@kiki_bff), you now i like to paint my nails myself at home every week #kikisbffnails . Frankly I can't draw for the life of me so I can only find tool to help. These dotting pen that are less than $5 a set comes into the picture and it's the easiest way for some DIY nails.

You can use it to do simple dotting with different colors which I love since it's both fun and easy, use it to blend color and also create swirls.

My fave nail polish must have to be Sally Hensen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear for all those bright colors, it's cheap enough to buy all the different colors (less than $2.50 at Walmart).

And some overlay dots can easily create these easy enough (^_^)

Here I painted on a purple base and dot pink dots while it's still wet and use the dotting tool to swirl it around for this effect.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

County in the City 2016 [Contest]

I'm giving away a pair of tickets to 
County in the City 2016

I went to County in the City (@drinkincevents) 2 years in a row and I had such an amazing time, I am lucky enough to be invited back again this year plus an additional pair to give away to my readers. Being a big supporter of local wineries, I can't wait to see what's new in Price Edward County (PEC).

There'll be more than 70 different PEC wines to sample and then you can buy your favorites with free shipping on 12 bottles or more since most of the wines featured are not available in the LCBO.

 Date & Time:
Thursday April 14, 2016
Ticket Details:  
$49 per ticket in advance including 2 food tickets
Get your tickets here

Good Luck!!!