Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Descendant Detroit Style Pizza

Tired of all the Neapolitan thin crust pizza and was desperate to find a more comforting and satisfying pizza?! Thanks to Descendent Detroit Style Pizza  (@DescendantPizza), our cravings are satisfied.
Love the place as soon as I enter, just look at that colorful dripping walls with all those hidden patterns. The place is rather small and can get pretty hot with the pizza oven from the open kitchen but not too smelly that you would want to avoid.

Sausage & Peppers $19 Small
~ sauce, smoked cheese blend, Nduja (under the cheese), Calabrian chilis, 
Sweetie Drop Peruvian Peppers
Love the caramelized crispy crust w/ the fluffy spongy interior! Love this one which was sweet tart spicy and savoury all at the same time. Love the amount of ingredients on it with just the perfect amount of sauce, cheese and toppings. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

North Poke [Seafood / Hawaiian]

Poke have been all the rage in Toronto this year with shop after shop popping up and I finally made it to one.... We decided on North Poke (@northpokeTO) in Kensington Market which set themselves apart from the pack by being traditional,

A superbly healthy and trendy Hawaiian staple, what's not to like?! They serve Hawaiian style poke instead of the more common California style at most of the other shops popping up in Toronto. The Hawaiian style are marinated at least a few hours whereas the California style get sauced right before just like you would a salad. 

All of their poke bowl comes in snack, regular and large sizes. We ordered 3 snack size for $15 to tried since we can't decide which one to pick. 

You can choose between white rice, brown rice and salad; I personally would definitely recommend the rice since there's barely any any salad at the bottom.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Satay Sate [Indonesian Street Food]

Have been in search for yummy satay skewers in Toronto for years and it's tough to come by, so as soon as I hear about Satay Sate (@sataysate_TO)
Simple menu, wish they have 1-2 more dishes to choose from.... and I really am not sure what's the difference with Indonesian and Thai/Malaysian Satay?!??

Beef Rendang $11.49
Curried Beef - slow braised in coconut milk & spices w/ steam rice , house salad & ACAR
The sauce was amazing and the brisket fell apart to perfection but though they could use a slightly fattier brisket since it end up being rather dry. I do love the salad with no dressing and only the ACAR (pickled cucumber) which was fresh crisp and refreshing with the heavier sauce of these dishes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jackpot Chicken Rice [Hainanese Chicken Rice]

Always in search for a good Hainanese Chicken Rice in Toronto, so as soon as I hear that the same team from Patois (post here) open up new place called Jackpot Chicken Rice (@eatjackpot), I just had to go right away.
Love the bright color of the Maoist propaganda style graffiti wall, 

And those super cute, colorful clever colanders light fixture, so in love!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitten & the Bear [Jam / Cafe]

Have been meaning to come to Kitten & the Bear (@KATBPreserves) for their Jam & Tea Service but since their space is so small with only 2 small table with no reservation, I didn't dare to go until a couple of weeks ago. I took my chances and it paid off with the perfect window table.

 It is both an artisanal Jam shop and a cafe here and I just love the space so much, every corner are so Instagramable.

The Jam & Tea Service was $17.50 per person and consist of a Guided Tasting of 4 seasonal preserves, a buttermilk scone, clotted cream and choice of Sloane Fine Tea or Reunion Island pour over coffee. Although it delicious and I love the space and experience, I can't help but feel it's a bit pricey... so I would probably just go back for their take-out counter, a Scone & Jam only cost $4 and a cup of tea or coffee at $2.65 which is basically around the same thing at around $6.65 only. You still get to choose the featured jam for your scone.

La Cova Fumada [Barcelona - Spain]

La Cova Fumada (aka "The Smoked Cave") have no signs, so you'll just have to look for their street number if you are not familiar. Opened since 1944, it kept it's charm with a warm familiar old school atmosphere with regulars local and tourist alike. Love as we were waiting for it to open, there was already a huge table of old locals already seated behind their close door. And btw they do not take reservation, so come early to get a table.

With their menu written in chalk on the vintage blackboard on the wall as it was since it first open in the 1940s and no other type of menu available with just the ingredients and no description at all... Everything here looks like a blast from the part!

You would think this will be a nightmare for tourists like us who didn't know Spanish but surprisingly, there was a staff, probably the owner that was very familiar in dealing with tourists like us who is rather fluent in English. He recommended what we needed to try. We always try to eat at some local authentic places and this definitely fit the bill with very old-school tapas with minimal preparation. The dishes is seasonal and there's a little granny cooking in the small kitchen at the front, my guess is that she have been making the same tapas the same way for yearsssss.

Pan Toastado
Toast rub w/ tomato and oil & another one that I don't really remember

They are famous for their Bombas (potato bombs) and it really was the best we had on our trip... it is rumored that the grandmother of the current owners invented the tapas which is now served all over Spain. It quite simple really, mashed potatoes with some pork inside rolled in breadcrumbs and egg then deep fried in olive oil and served with a slightly spicy cayenne peppers sauce.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jinya Ramen Bar [Japanese]

Being the ramen addict, Ben just had to try out the newly open Jinya Ramen Bar (@jinyaramenbar) adn after eyeing it's renovation for months already.

Jinya is a chain ramen shop with multiple locations in the US and Canada, being the first location in Toronto, I was excited to try this popular place.

Love the space with pretty big comfy bar stools and not overly hot like most ramen places.
Love the eye catching display of red and black ramen bowl on the counter.

Pork Gyoza
This was a lunch special where you get to add $2 to your ramen for an app and a soft drink. This was the only thing I like with thin moist wrapper... this was perfect.