Tuesday, November 8, 2016

North Poke [Seafood / Hawaiian]

Poke have been all the rage in Toronto this year with shop after shop popping up and I finally made it to one.... We decided on North Poke (@northpokeTO) in Kensington Market which set themselves apart from the pack by being traditional,

A superbly healthy and trendy Hawaiian staple, what's not to like?! They serve Hawaiian style poke instead of the more common California style at most of the other shops popping up in Toronto. The Hawaiian style are marinated at least a few hours whereas the California style get sauced right before just like you would a salad. 

All of their poke bowl comes in snack, regular and large sizes. We ordered 3 snack size for $15 to tried since we can't decide which one to pick. 

You can choose between white rice, brown rice and salad; I personally would definitely recommend the rice since there's barely any any salad at the bottom.

The Hawaii Classic
~ Ahi Tuna, Shoyu dressing, cucumber, sweet onions, nori, toasted sesame, fried shallots, avocado, house classic aioli, macadamia nuts, green onions, seaweed salad
This was our favorite among the 3, marinated just right, very flavorful and perfect with the rice. 

The Big Wave
~ Albacore Tuna, Charred jalapeno citrus dressing, black garlic, mayo, pickled shallots, tenkasu
Not a big fan of this one, too much sauce and the fish was in too small pieces which combine gave it a rather mushy texture... wish I could have tasted the fish itself a bit more.

~ octopus, potato, baby kale, roasted red peppers, chorizo oil, smoked lemon aioli, caper infused breadcrumbs
Everything on the description made us think it would be slightly spicy but it was extremely sweet instead. We had to bath this in sriracha to be able to finish it,

Spam Musubi 
2 for $4, it comes in original and teriyaki flavors. Love how both the spam and rice was grilled/fried separately which is then wrap in nori (dried seaweed), love the crispy flavorful charred rice although it look much smaller/flat than the usual.

Verdict :
Out of the three, I personally only liked The Hawaii Classic
Love the musubi w/ the charred rice
Personally though there's much less toppings compare to what I saw from the other shops, so will have to try them to compare

North Poké Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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