Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A hood on my winter jacket is a must to keep warm
Just love this green parka which I can take off the inner layers for warmer weather which I hope is right around the corner (^_^)


We are always (especially Ben) on the search for Ramen places in Toronto but we all know it's very lacking.... when I read it somewhere that Konichiwa have one of the best Ramen in Toronto, we just have to go try =P

It really a tiny and intimate place

The presentation was great but the octopus was a bit tasteless... wish it was marinated in the vinegar dressing longer

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cafe Princess

I pass by Cafe Princess many time since I'm always in the area for Korean food. I have never had an urge to venture up top this 2nd floor cafe until hearing about their Sweet Potato Latte on twitter from @chrisunagi. So finally after lunch, we head up for a drink... They served an assortment of coffee, teas, fruity shakes, cakes from La Rocca , waffles and ice creams.

It's a super girly place with flowery sofas, a perfect place to hang out and gossip comfortably =P
Also love the bring sun coming through the window, just make the whole place that much happier to be at... wish I had a book and I probably can sit there the whole day

Sweet Potato Latte
It was just hot and comforting... it was such a good recommendation. The only problem is, I have to get a real latte after this since I need my daily dose of caffeine (>_<)
Also love how it's served pipping hot, so be careful not to burn yourself =P

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizzeria Libretto - Danforth

I just realize that I have never done any post about my fave pizza place in Toronto, Pizzeria Libretto (@PizzaLibretto) (@pldanforth). I have been to the the Ossington location many times and have been willing to wait for more than an hour in line since they don't take reservation (that's a lot coming from me since I hate waiting). They have open up a second location at Danforth since and take reservation....

The Danforth location is much larger and have 2 of their Wood Fired Oven instead of one

 Love is mix and match chairs (^_^)

Many hands at work assembling the pizza

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crema Coffee Co.

This is my first time at a Crema Coffee Co., it have started as an independent coffee shop back in 2008 but they now have 4 locations...I was surprise at how good it was, the darker roast that I prefer with the pretty latte art as well (^_^)

They also have an assortments of cookies, muffin, square and scones 
Had the fig and pistachio oatmeal cookie and it was delish

Verdict :
Love it and will definitely be back with a book or laptop

Crema Coffee Company on Urbanspoon

London Bridge is falling down... falling down

 Just happen to pass by this bridge and decided to take some OOTD pics but it was so windy on the bridge that it was impossible to take a picture without being crazy hair lady.... so here are some pics we took "not-on-the-bridge" =P

 As you may have notice by now, I have this same boot in 2 colors (black and the brown from here) and you are probably tired of seeing me in it... it's just so comfy and go with everything

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yours Truly

Have been hearing good thing about Yours Truly, so decided to go for a early Valentine dinner on Sunday to avoid the crowd. Heard that it has a really multicultural menu which I thought would be a very true reflection of Canadian cuisine.... They only have a snack menu with a meat or vegetarian tasting menu option to choose from, no regular menu. Good thing the 4 course menu was only $45 for meat and $35 for vegetarian option... very affordable.

We ordered 3 items from the Snack Menu and shared both the meat and vegetarian prix fixe.
Ben had the Erdinger Dunkel on tap which was served overflowing and dripping all over (>~<)
I had one of their specialty cocktail called Winter Batida (Cachace, fresh lime, Seasonal Fruit, sumac) and it was rather strong but loving the not too sweet fruity flavor :)

Amuse Bouche ~  a small sweet dumpling and a mandarine slice covered with sesame

Hate how they didn't pace through.... they served all the 3 snack dishes, the complimentary amuse bouche and soup at once which fill our tiny table to the brim :(
Thuet Bread w/ whipped duck fat & crispy shallots $5
You can't go wrong with Thuet Bread, one of the best in town and duck fat on top of that.... 
I'm in heaven, I do love my bread =P


What do you wear when there's an extreme cold alert and still want to go out?!?
I find earmuffs super cute, especially the furry pom pom ones like these but I wear it mostly for fun since I find a hooded jacket a lot more convenient and warm against those harsh artic wind in Toronto =P

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bowery

Have wanted to got to The Bowery since it first open since I wanted to try their Foie Gras Scotch Egg but have heard some mixed reviews... then they took it off the menu and I sort of lost interest....

Then I go the Tuesday Foodie card where you get 30% off at participating restaurant on Tuesdays and The Bowery was one of the restaurant.

Love the ♥ and the bare wall... just love their decor

 The red wall just reminded me of WVRST (see my post here)

Happy Valentine ♥

Happy Valentine's Day !!!!
Just want to say how much I love all of you (^_^)

I have been a bit addicted to Instagram lately and here's some that's so vday =P

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Leaving our coffee stop here, we were greeted with this gorgeous sunset scene

Outfit Details: 
Shirt -ROMWE; Socks & Shoe -F21; Bracelets -H&M; Bag - Aldo

Thursday, February 9, 2012


A friend of min insisted that I try out Rooster Coffee House (@Roostercoffee) since it's one of her fave and where she go all the time since it's near where she works.
I am so glad I did, I fell in love with it as soon as I lay eye on it and even more after the first sip of my late (^_^) I will be back quite often and maybe with a book next time ♥♥♥.

 Look at all the goodies, I just want everything here

I end up choosing the Trail Mix Cookie and ♥ it. It was so fresh and yummy.
I order a Latte as usual and Ben had a Americano

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tsui Wah

Tsui Wah is probably one of my favorite cheap eat in Toronto/Scarborough and I've been coming back again and again over the year. We always end up ordering the same 2 things each time =P

Lamb Brisket Lo Vermicelli (Gui Lin Style) $8.95
This is just so yummy warm and comforting... the lamb are so flavorful, moist and fall off the bone good. Love the mixed veggies on the side as well, just need to mix everything together very well and get a bit of everything in each bite (^_^)

Minced Pork Noodle in Soup (House Style) $6.95
I never could decide which one I like better this or the lamb, so each time we keep ordering both to share =P
Just love the spicy sour soup with the special clear noodle and the huge amount of bamboo shoots.

Secret Tunnel

Apparently Ben pass by this tunnel everyday to get to work... thought it was pretty, so took mt OOTD there since I love the tile and the lighting as if heading to a secret lab or something =P

Outfit Details: 
Shirt -Urban Planet; Shorts & Tights -F21; Necklace -H&M; PAX Boots -Sam Edelman

Kim Bo

Remember my first Foodspotting Eat -up back here, I have join FS since then and loved it. This is the 3rd FSeatup event (I miss the 2nd one) and once again organized by Mike aka Chops (@chopstickhero)... it was a 7 course beef fest at Kim Bo, a Vietnamese  restaurant.

We started with a few appetizers (^_^)
Spring Rolls
Perfect crispy goodness, can never go wrong with this classic and popular Viet. App.

 Shrimp & Mango Salad
Love the amount of fresh basil in it and that's what made the dish for me

Baby Clams w/ Sesame Rice Cracker 
This is my first time having this and love it