Thursday, February 9, 2012


A friend of min insisted that I try out Rooster Coffee House (@Roostercoffee) since it's one of her fave and where she go all the time since it's near where she works.
I am so glad I did, I fell in love with it as soon as I lay eye on it and even more after the first sip of my late (^_^) I will be back quite often and maybe with a book next time ♥♥♥.

 Look at all the goodies, I just want everything here

I end up choosing the Trail Mix Cookie and ♥ it. It was so fresh and yummy.
I order a Latte as usual and Ben had a Americano

Latte art perfectly done.... 
given how busy they were, I was surprise at how details and well done the latte art was (^_^)

We arrive at around 3:30 and the place was packed, we probably got the last 2 seat

It was so good that we had to order a 3rd one to share
Cappuccino, love love love... the darker roast is so to my liking =D

 Love Love Love ♥
Great decor, super friendly service, great cookies and coffee w/ great latte art ;)
I will be back more often than you would think, maybe with a book
to pass time in between lunch and dinner 

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  1. I've never heard of this coffee shop before but it looks really nice! The latte art is very pretty :)

  2. I don't drink coffee that much but like Amy I do appreciate the latte art :)

  3. Amy: I wouldn't have know about it if it wasn't for my friend since it's sort of in the middle of residential area/road ;) but glad I did love love love...

    and I'm always so impress at how quick the do teh latte art =P Saw my friend got a Swan latte art, hope I get it next time I'm there =P

  4. The Rooster is one of my favourite spots to relax and have a cappuccino. Everyone is super nice and friendly and the atmosphere is second to none.

    Great review, and great place. So happy to have found it.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and comment :)
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  5. Wow i wish i could come on there too. Nice place!

    1. Thanks :) It is very nice indeed, if you live in GTA area, def must visit

  6. I love Rooster Coffee! It's hard to find an independent coffee shop these days, let alone one with a cozy-comfy atmosphere, friendly service, great coffee, free & reliable wifi and chill music that's not too loud. I've searched all over Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris and Montreal for the ideal coffee shop. I finally found it here!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog :) Hope you'll be coming back for more reviews :)

      Yup I have to agree with you... good coffee & snacks, grest service and atmosphere which is perfect for a lazy afternoon