Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We are always (especially Ben) on the search for Ramen places in Toronto but we all know it's very lacking.... when I read it somewhere that Konichiwa have one of the best Ramen in Toronto, we just have to go try =P

It really a tiny and intimate place

The presentation was great but the octopus was a bit tasteless... wish it was marinated in the vinegar dressing longer

DF Soft Shell Crab
Served piping hot, the batter was very thin, crispy and flavorful... no sauce required

Huge pieces... very fresh as it should be, otherwise nothing super special

Only at $1.50 when you order noodle
The skin was paper thin, love it (^_^)

Chicken Don
I usually only order Katsu (pork) don but Ben wanted chicken instead that day... the sauce and veggies with the rice was very delish but the chicken was a bit dry.... 
and yes I did say "see I told you so, should have order pork" =P

Tonkotsu Ramen
The Pork Bone soup was the creamy color and texture that you want.... although the noodle itself was nothing special and the chashu (pork slices on top) was was too dry and definetly not fatty (we prefer the usual fatty melt in your mouth pork belly version) =P
But the soup base is one of the best I had in Toronto (no water drinking due to msg afterwards)

Sesame Ice Cream
and no, it's not as good as Yuzu's

During summer, they also have a small comfy patio by the front

Verdict :
Will definetly come back for the Katsu Don and Tonkotsu Ramen
(this will have to do until something like Ippudo comes to Toronto)

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  1. I totally smiled when I read "see I told you so, should have order pork" and I can sooo relate to your "(no water drinking due to msg afterwards)" cuz it's such an important factor! =) I may try Konnichiwa soon then since its in downtown (I don't go uptown anymore so I still haven't been to niwatei)

  2. I'm not a big fan of Niwatei but a lot of people seems to like it =P Frankly we only like the broth here, the noodle was nth special and the chashu was way too dry... Wish I'm in NY rigth now, they have so many good Ramen place =P