Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yours Truly

Have been hearing good thing about Yours Truly, so decided to go for a early Valentine dinner on Sunday to avoid the crowd. Heard that it has a really multicultural menu which I thought would be a very true reflection of Canadian cuisine.... They only have a snack menu with a meat or vegetarian tasting menu option to choose from, no regular menu. Good thing the 4 course menu was only $45 for meat and $35 for vegetarian option... very affordable.

We ordered 3 items from the Snack Menu and shared both the meat and vegetarian prix fixe.
Ben had the Erdinger Dunkel on tap which was served overflowing and dripping all over (>~<)
I had one of their specialty cocktail called Winter Batida (Cachace, fresh lime, Seasonal Fruit, sumac) and it was rather strong but loving the not too sweet fruity flavor :)

Amuse Bouche ~  a small sweet dumpling and a mandarine slice covered with sesame

Hate how they didn't pace through.... they served all the 3 snack dishes, the complimentary amuse bouche and soup at once which fill our tiny table to the brim :(
Thuet Bread w/ whipped duck fat & crispy shallots $5
You can't go wrong with Thuet Bread, one of the best in town and duck fat on top of that.... 
I'm in heaven, I do love my bread =P

Turnip Soup w/ drizzles of spinach oil
I'm a sucker for this type of cute mason jar presentation but the content was not as to my liking as the presentation. The soup was overly salty, so salty that even Ben took only a sip and left it :(

Salted Cod $6
~ inari, kewpie, nori, rice
Love this, the salty cod with the sweet sushi rice was delish together... 
the bits of salty cod inside was very subtle and goes great with the aioli/mayo on the side (the white stuff on the side of the dish, it's not the dish pattern)

Deviled Eggs $5
~ Siracha, furikake, sesame
Let's just say everything taste better with Siracha, even just a tiny dot on top =P
We really enjoy this but wish they work on the presentation, the napkin underneath is just not working when the food itself was so pretty

Course #1 from the tasting menu, same for both Meat & Veggie option
Potato ~ crushed, chips, parsley stem, cream
Loved the presentation but it's just a cold fairly good creamy potato salad... the chip was crispy and well seasoned but what's with the parsley stem?? Are we suppose to eat the steam?

Course #2 for the Veggie Option
Beet ~ perogie, hibiscus, dill, smoked yogurt
This is my favorite dish from both tasting menu, 
the beet was served whole which was very cute and pair perfectly with  the pretty pink hibiscus syrup. And the hot perogie was perfect with the smoked yogurt

Course #2 for the Meat Option
Trout ~ black radish, onion, thai basil, pho cream
I really have to give credit to Ben cause the picture look a lot better than it actually did.
I hated the presentation, it basically look like the server had an accident and the whole dish was shifted to the side... we already got a better plate, saw the same dish from the next table and they had an even bigger plate and it was even worst.... and what's with the one stem of vegetable on top.
Ok I will stop babbling about the presentation and let go back to the actual taste... 
The fish was cooked really well, with very crispy skin and moist cook just right inside

Course #3 for the Veggie Option
Gnocchi ~ seaweed, shallots, horseradish, broth
This was very salty, the soup base tasted exactly like the soup base of Instant Vermicelli (rice noodle) and it doesn't help that they actually had a few vermicelli on it. The soup was so salty that even the Gnocchi sitting in it got really salty although the texture of the gnocchi itself was really fluffy nice.
Really I didn't pay that much for a $0.59 Instant Vermicelli taste with fried shallots that I can get for less than $5 for a huge box (>_<)

Course #3 for the Meat Option
Duck ~ a choy, fried rice, yuzu mayo 
"a choy" is a Taiwanese veggies and they were one piece of it sprinkled with fried shallots and sesame
The duck was ok but the fried rice underneath was cold and clumpy... It was an egg fried rice and a good one should definetly not be clumpy, each individual grain should be whole, not broken and covered by egg

Course #4 from the tasting menu, same for both Meat & Veggie option
One thing that I liked at the beginning was that the kitchen staff bring out the dish, but they end up bringing out only one of these and we had to wait for our waitress to come by and ask where's the 2nd one which we had to wait for it to be prepare (apparently they got us mix with another table where they were sharing one prix fixe)
Yogurt ~ cake, muesli, parsnip, apple, foam
 It's not whip cream, it's actually a yogurt foam which was light and a bit sour which goes perfectly with the crunchy slightly bitter muesli, sweet apple slices and the moist honey cake.
Love all the layers of textures and flavors

Verdict :
Love the snacks and the dessert which is also on the snack menu
Overall not impress with the Tasting Menu
Love my cocktail as well, so maybe I'll just come back for a drink and the snack menu which was good and very affordable (^_^)
It was more Asian influenced than multicultural and once again didn't like Asian Fusion cuisine :(

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  1. I passed by Yours Truly today while getting to Salt Wine Bar. Haha I loved how you described the presentation for the dishes XD To be honest, I'm not really excited about trying them out after hearing what people have said and reading your review. Overall, doesn't seem like they serve the type of food that I'd enjoy.

  2. I really dislike their presentation - almost every dish had a big piece of "choy" draped either over the meat or beside it, looks so sloppy. Also not thrilled about them using "foam" on almost played out. I think the restaurant tries too hard to be different/unique but my friends and I just felt confused after dinner there.. we just didn't get it lol. By the way, I'm talking about their tasting menu, not their snacks (which were quite good). If I were to go back, I would only go for their snacks and drinks.

  3. Great that we think alike once again =P Cause I have read quite a bit of good reviews before heading there... I'm no the only one

    I'll probably go back for drink and snack, maybe after dinner nearby (maybe after a huge bowl of pho) =P

  4. Update: Went on Friday for their snacks. Had their Tokyo Dog and it was so delicious! Also had their Deviled Eggs again...which was great~ Definitely a great place for late night snacks. O and my fav cocktail there is "Shake That Pear" ^^

  5. Thanks for the Update... I'll def go back to for their snack menu and will try the Shake That Pear ;) (fun name)