Wednesday, February 1, 2012

La Gourmand

The last two time I went to La Gourmand, it was too late and they were all sold out :( So this time I decided to head over earlier for lunch cause I must try their to die for cookies that I heard so much about... FINALLY !!!

I fully enjoy everything here, from the sandwich to the coffee.

I`ll need to come back to try all of their baked goodies (^_^)

Roasted Vegetables w/ Spicy Pesto Sandwich
Love the flavor here and love how it's served panini style
Most of their Sandwiches are $7.95/ea, which is quite pricey for such a small size without any side but trust me you won't regret it since it's so good

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

We were also surprise at how good their coffee was especially the regular drip one

Chocolate Chip Cookies
This made my day, it was huge with a crispy outside and a super ooyee gooyee chewy inside
♥♥♥ OMG, Love at first bite ♥♥♥ Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever ♥♥♥
Heard that their Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies are the best but it wasn't available that day.... definitely have to come back to try.

I was reserving our sits while Ben went to order/buy everything.... and he bought back only one cookie and I told him I didn't plan to share =P
But I did and it was so good that he went back to get another one and he bought his fave

Peanut Butter Cookie
We both agree that it's not as good as the chocolate chip although still super delish. The crispy outside and chewy inside contrast is not as strong here.. but I'll have one anytime of the day in a heartbeat =P


Verdict :
Love ♥♥♥
Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever !!!
And a plus that their coffee and sandwiches are very very good as well
Will have to come back for the famous Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie & maybe try the salads as well since it look really pretty 

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  1. I friggin' want that friggin' chocolate cookie! ARGHH! Sorry it just looks SO GOOD! =D I need to use my coupon still :S

  2. I use mine too :)
    Really have to go early to get all the goodies

  3. I agree, their sandwiches are small and fairly expensive. I don't really think it's worth it.. but the chocolate chip cookie really is quite good!

  4. Not that it matters, but it's ooey gooey

  5. They have the best cookies in the city! My favourite is the chocolate chip walnut :)