Monday, January 30, 2012

Phoenix Restaurant (Golden Phoenix 金鳳)

I have been to the 1st location of Phoenix Restaurant (near Markville Mall) since it first open when I use to live closer by... but I notice that the quality have been declining as it rise in popularity (>_<) And this is my 2nd time to this Woodbine location (they have 3 locations, another one on Bayview) just because it's convenient and we were in a rush. I know that there's a lot of good blogger reviews of this place but there's really a lot of better "cha chang tang" (茶餐廳)

Baked Seafood Rice
It was very bland, there was just a very tasteless cream sauce which didn't taste creamy and salt lacking altogether... and way overpriced because there was the extra puff pastry on top (>_<)

Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南雞飯
This was the dish that make them famous at their first location, so I order this to be safe... but what a disappointment. It came with plain steam rice instead of the "Chicken oil" rice that's normally the star of the dish for me.... the rice are normally stronger in flavor and the chicken smooth, moist but more subtle in flavor since it's only cook in stock with minimal to none seasoning.

Iced Lemon Tea

Verdict :
Disappointed once again, I don't see myself going back anytime soon =(

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  1. WHAT? 海南雞飯 with plain rice is SO WRONG! UNFORGIVABLE >_<

  2. What Stella said! That's so disappointing :( I've only been to the Bayview location before and enjoyed the haianese chicken there... but then again its been a while since I've been back

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention that service are noty that great at both locations I've been to...

  4. Sep 9, 2012 (Phoenix@Woodbine) - today i ordered a deep fire chicken leg with salad. I waiting for 30 mins and my food never show up. I ask a waiter to check is my order got missed. She just said ok, but i saw her actually did nothing, not even a check. Another 5 mins waiting and i ask another waiter. She did a check n get back to me said, my order was overlooked. She ask me to waiting for another 10 mins. I waited total 45 mins and my food still not ready. I ask again however those waiters gave me a long face. This is what kind of services??? My feeling is those waiter are NOT respecting their job (Please go home if you don't like this job). When i ask for a bill, those waiters are just walking by and pretented not seeing me??? I will not go again. Extreme bad bad bad service.

    Price: Over price
    Food: Just average
    Service: Terrible

    1. I totally agree, I just don't understand why it's such a popular place