Monday, January 9, 2012

Langdon Hall (Tasting Menu)

Remember my outfit post here and I mention that we brave the snow for our reservation out of town at Langdon Hall. I have been meaning to try their Dining Room for a while, it's been awarded Five Diamond Award from AAA/CAA which only a handful of of restaurant around the world have earned this distinction.
The waiting area of the dinning room, it's just so cozy and warm

Homemade Butter and Bread
A lot of restaurant made their own bread but churned their own butter.... what?!? 
As soon as you tasted it, you'll want more and the ratio of butter to bread get closer and closer.

I was surprise that our waiter was quite young (most places like this have a more "mature" wait staff)
 and had a very extensive knowledge of the wine list

We went ahead with the Tasting Menu 

Amuse Bouche 
~ Smoked Trout Caviar, Hazelnut Creme Fraiche

 Scallop Parfait 
~ Kale, Cured Ham, Black Walnut Gastrique
 I didn't know what Gastrique is, so I look it up and here's the definition from wikipedia : "is caramelized sugar, deglazed with vinegar, used as a flavoring for sauce"
 The cured ham is the shavings around the plate and it gave the scallops a splash of saltiness, the kale bitterness and the caramalized walnut the crunch and sweetness it needed. All the texture and taste all in one plate. 
Although I have to say that I really am not that into this type of plating (scattered on a big plate) which seems to be extremely popular these days (*_*?)

 Roasted Freshwater Catfish
 ~ Chicken Crackling, Sea Buckthorn and Ale jus
I'm not sure I like the texture of catfish here but the flavor was very delicious and the sour sea buckthorn (the yellow berries) complimented the fish and sauce surprisingly well.

 Elora Partridge
~ Salsify, Chanterelles, Autumn Berries, Hazelnuts

 White Tail Farm Venison
~ Horseradish, Yellow Onion Leaves, Sunchoke, Winter Greens, Partridge Berry & Caper Jus
 Everything on this plate was delsih, it's probably the best Venison I've ever had.Just the right amount of the gaminess taste that you know it's not beef and having the perfect texture (some of the Venison I had elsewhere tend to be "mushier" in texture). Oh and I love the caper jus (^_^)

 Cru du Clocher
 ~ Anjou Pear, Soused Beets, Crisp Cauliflower
 Yummy creamy cheese plus fresh sweet beets.... 2 of my fav things, what else could I ask for

♥♥♥ mini Beet Meringue and perfect together with the berry ice cream and cookies crumble

It was such a romantic dinner and the snow just added a bit of magic to the already beautiful scenery   

Verdict :
Definitely worth our trip, would love to be able to stay a night if it wasn't so expensive 
Great food, love every dish we had (^_^)

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  1. Mmm! Everything looks delicious and it's such a beautiful looking building. I want to go!

  2. How much is the tasting menu? I always wanted to try!

  3. Cindy : Thanks for reading :) Yes it's beatiful and I'm very tepted to go back in the summer to see the difference =P And they haev high tea for only $26

    Carmen : The Tasting Menu was at $125pp but after trying it, the regular menu should be much more affordable since the portion should be bigger and if 2ppl order different dishes, you'll just to try as much.... that's my plan if I go back again =P

  4. This looks amazing! I look forward to your future posts. You have a new follower. xoxo

  5. Thanks Tamara, just took a look at your blog as well and loving it. Very cute and wearable stlye. Will be following you on Bloglovin =D