Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Menchie's (Beaches Toronto)

After our stop a Burger's Priest here, we decided to venture down to The Beaches and we pass by Menchie's. I'm surprise at myself that it's my first time since it first open.

It's basically self serve, choose your yogurt flavor + your topping & sauce = pay according to weight

 I would have prefer if they had more fruits to choose from but they only had strawberries, kiwi and some pineapple which were all a bit sad looking (not fresh)

 We were still full after the burger and fries, so we didn't really fill up our cup

We were allow to taste the flavors before deciding and I end up choosing the Original tart since I didn't really like the other flavors I tried, which tasted rather fake.
I added mochi (didn't like it), nuts and those fruit-juice bubbles (my fave)

Ben had the Peanut Butter which would be my next choice but I like my yogurt a bit more one the tart/sour side =P
He added cheesecake, Reese cereals, nuts and caramel sauce

The place was empty, probably because it's so cold that day
Love their bar stool, look like a happy face =D

A wall full of celebrities pictures eating Menchie's

Verdict :
It was ok, would have prefer to have more fruits choices

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