Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sushi Kaji

I have been to Sushi Kaji a few years ago and love it but since then heard some mix reviews about this place. The friend who actually bought me there went back a few time and said that it's not as good anymore.. Boo (>_<)
This year better reviews pop up and I have been meaning to give it a try again and haven't had time yet until on my Birthday. The past 3 years since we have been together, Ben and I have took that day off and he'll plan a day of surprises for me, given that it's mainly about food/places to eat =P

Here at Sushi Kaji, there's no a la carte menu but just two Omakase of $100 Waza and $120 Takumi to choose from. Ben choose $120 for both of us but I think we should have chosen one each to taste both and see what's the difference... there's always next time (^o^)

 It was more of a romantic dinner that night, if not I'll have chosen to sit by the bar and watch them prepare each of our dishes =P

Big bottle of Sake with big cups
1st time having this one and it's ok, not our favorite

Ok, I don't remember the exact name of the dishes and it was really difficult to understand the waitress.... but I do remember what I liked and what I didn't (^_^)

Fishcake w/ egg
Love the plum stuffed with a chestnut and the presentation is just so cute and adorable

Daikon Cake, love this... super moist and smooth inside the crispy outer layer

Chopped Tuna
It's not that pretty when mix up but I assure you that it was super delish.

Why do I have to take a picture of the soy sauce as well you ask?!?
Because it was super delicious, it was super aromatic and not as salty as your regular one.... at the end of our meal, I did ask the waitress what brand it was and as I suspected all along, it was made in house. I ♥ it, I can basically just eat a whole bowl of rice with that =P

~ fresh and good quality with freshly grated wasabi

Butternut Squash stuffed w/ Chicken
It was airy and sweet which pair perfectly with the intense sauce which was some sort of thicken bonito consome / soup

Assorted Tempura
Lightly batter and salted, no dipping sauce here and it's not needed since the ingredient was so fresh, sweet and flavorful which the sprinkle of salt helps enhance it even more.

Snowcrab grilled in cellophane
This was my least favorite dish of the night... the menu said grilled but I think it's probably steam since I don't think you can grill cellophane. The inside was just an oily mess and rather tasteless, not to mention the cellophane make a cheap and horrible presentation =(

Cold / Sashimi Snowcrab

I was a bit disappointed here since last time we got a live shrimp where the head it still moving...  but still was so fresh and delicious and the homemade soy sauce + fresh wasabi was a bonus.

Miso Soup

Eel Sushi

Cucumber Roll, a great pallet cleanser (^_^)

Desserts are definitely not their forte here, I would expect something more....
Red Bean paste and shaved ice just won't do and even the macaroons are overly sweet, so so that you can't really tell what flavor it was.

Verdict :
It's an indulgence but I'll definitely come back
and maybe resist the urge to order the huge bottle of sake.

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  1. OMG I SO WANT TO GO BACK TO SUSHI KAJI NOW :) I've been there once so many years ago...at the time I wasn't even really a foodie yet lolol =D Glad you enjoyed ur time there...I've heard mixed reviews recently too but I was going to go anyway, and more so after your post ^_^

  2. I think they change their menu already, so no cellophane... so you are safe =D

  3. they served a shrimp with a head still moving before? I can imagine how fresh it would taste! although I think I'd make me feel bad for eating it :(

    I've been wanting to try this place out, but I also heard mediocre reviews which steered me away. From your post it doesn't look too bad. Maybe I will go try it out one day. :)

  4. Yes the wisker and eyes were still moving, but the body was already seperated and peeled =P

    It's really worth visiting, it's really not super expensive if we didn't order the huge bottle of sake =P

  5. Every time I think of live shrimp being servied I keep thinking of Dinner Party Wars. lol

    This gives me hope to go back again. It was from a friend's rec that we went there and I wasn't a foodie either. This was also my second expensive meal. The first one was at Scaramouche. Before those, my meals never went over $10. ^^;

    They just need to get someone on desserts... they can afford it! :)

  6. I know exactly which episode you are talking about, lol. the impressive thing here was that the body and head was already separated =P

    the 1st time I'm here was a treat from my friend =D and they still had the $80 choice back then =P

    I know, I don't care if they buy the dessert from someplace else as long as it's good =D

  7. The food looks amazing! I really have to check it out soon (gotta drop some hints to the boyfriend for the next special occasion...hehe). Too bad the desserts weren't very good. I hate ending an otherwise great (and expensive) meal with a subpar dessert..