Friday, September 30, 2011

Relaxed or given up ?!?


Bought this maxi dress back in Spring and have never got around wearing it since I have no idea how to style it.... since it's obviously too late to have it refund, I'll have to find a way to wear it...

I decided to match it with an equally loose and oversize t-shirt.... relaxed and I don't give a heck type of outfit =P What do you think? Any other suggestion?!?

La Bamboche

It's been more than a year that I have been meaning to come to La Bamboche after hearing so many great things from so many people. It just happen to be mid town and I'm rarely there during day time, normally head to that area for dinner only =P 

OMG, I just want to try them all and their prices are very reasonable, even on the lower side compare to many other similar dessert/cake places. 
I'll definitely come back for the whole cake for next gathering (^_^)

Their macarons display wasn't the prettiest but they tasted so good and I still can't decide which one is my favorite out of the 6 flavors I got =P The only one I didn't like was the Lavender since I find the flavor too strong. I was also surprise that they actually tell you what the Mystery flavor was, I thought you have to figure it out and isn't that why it's call mystery flavor?!?
I think this is my fave macaron place from now on, not as sweet as the other places I've tried and it has a much creamier and lighter center (compare to the one here, here and here). It was so good ♥

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Remember this dress I bought in Orlando and wore it to Disney here?! I have wore several times during summer afterwards since it's such a pretty girly pink flowery dress (^-^)
The weather is getting a bit chillier and I don't want to give up on my summer dresses just yet, so I've decided to pair it with a white blazer and a peep-toe bootie instead of my usual sandal....

For darker color flowery summer dresses, I suggest paring it with black tights with ankle/tall boots and you could even layer a light sweater underneath or on top =D
What do you think? How do you transition your summer pieces into Fall or Winter?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Combine Eatery

Have heard about The Combine Eatery's fish taco. Since the so Cal fish tacos have been a big trend lately, I've be craving to give it a try for weeks since I can never make it to La Carnita's pop-up events which is mostly during lunch hour on weekdays in downtown while I work uptown =(

Each table get at least 3 choices of hot sauce and every table get different once.... Amy the owner revealed that she have over 30 different types and is always on the lookout for more. I'll have to go back just to try her other hot sauce since you know how much I like my Spicy =P

Vegetable Fritters
~ Corn, red peppers, green onions and potatoes w/ fresh salsa and sour cream for dipping
 For $7.95, this was very reasonably priced given there was 6pcs (^_^) This was serve pipping hot with a super crispy outer shell and moist inside. I'm not sure but I taste a touch of curry in it and it was so flavorful on it's own that you don't really need dipping sauce. But the salsa was so light and fresh that it's a great contrast to the hot heavier flavored fritters. ♥ this!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Leopard Cape

Tire of my Animal Print obsession yet after the post here, here, here and here =P

Have been eyeing this dress the whole summer until it went on sale a month ago and I like the idea of cape, the word just make me think of superhero =P

And I manage to wear this Sky High Jeffrey Campbell's Lita that I bought back here to shop (^_^) So proud of myself.
Love the cape shape but it'll be difficult to wear a jacket with it when it get colder... maybe with another cape on top =P


Plan to head over to Eaton Center for some shopping therapy that day and since there was traffic everywhere, we decided to park and find something to eat nearby. Bannock, the new O&B restaurant immediately came into mind.What's better than yummy Canadian Comfort food as it's getting colder (^_^)
And excuse me for the bad pictures since I was still getting used to my new camera (st day using it) =P

There was 2 separate section, a crab and go cafe section and a restaurant on the other

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kappukeki ~ Cupcake Party

Was invited to a Cupcake Tasting Party by Kappukeki, $5 admission for all you can eat cupcake. They recently launched their facebook page and being an online made to order shop, this is the best way to put the word out. They specialize in fusion cupcake flavor and will try to accommodate as best as they could all customer request in design and flavors.

12 mini cupcake flavor was feature
~ more than 500 mini cupcakes was made that day (^v^)

I wish I didn't eat lunch before heading over since I haven't been able to taste all the flavor but I still manage to try 7 flavor =P
My fave have to be the Black Sesame and it seems to be crowd favorite as well since it was the first flavor to be gone (^_^)
 Their cupcake was made with cream instead of the usual butter cream which make it a lot lighter and made less sweet to accommodate the "Chinese" palette.
Due to the amount of cupcake needed for the event, only vanilla and chocolate cake base was available with the different flavor toppings (>_<). Although it was made perfectly moist and yummy, I find it rather boring when that happen and gives it a rather homemade feel instead of something you want to pay for. Hope they'll work on matching the base with the cream/icing for their next tasting event.


Have been trying to find a Kimono style top like that but couldn't find the right color for me.. and I'm only manage to find one the last few weeks of summer. But it's perfect for the colder night, just can't wait to remix it with a dressier skirt and heels =D

I really can't believe it's the first time I'm taken picture at Yonge & Dundas Square and was so lucky to snap a few pics without people wandering around (^v^)

Doesn't it look like I walk thru the water =P

Monday, September 19, 2011


Have heard so much about Fishbar since they are very active on twitter (@_fishbar). I finally made it there this past Saturday. As we enter the restaurant, I immediately like the decor, simple yet so many cute touches and bare brick wall (yes, me and my brick wall addiction).

Love the how the light cast on the brick wall, just so pretty (^_^)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spin Dessert Cafe

Have been meaning to visit Spin Dessert Cafe for a while but as you may know by now that my "to-eat" list is way too long... so I haven't been until I got a Dealicious deal for the new Yonge location. Nothing beat desserts to cheer me up on a gloomy stormy night... although we got all wet at the end of the night, we left with a super stuffed tummy. If you got that $40 coupon as I did, please make sure you go with at least 2 friends since really 2 person spending the $40 on dessert is a bit much =P

I just realize that they don't have their menu online, so I may get the name wrong (>_<)

"Rolo"way Latte
warm, thick chocolate, caramel heart warming drink =P

Mango Vodka Smoothies, a cocktail made with ice cream and I must say quite a bit of vodka =P
Dessert & Booze in one, it's a really good start (^_^)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's wrong with you ?

That will be my "no thinking" oufit for the summer, I wore this for a relaxing Sunday running errands... that is after a gelato here and a latte here =P

The spiky bracelet, the double ring + cage ring will probably be the most "punk" I could go... maybe I should try the look of the girl on the shirt =P

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Have you join Dining Date Night yet after my post here?!? If not, you are definitely missing out since membership is free, more and more restaurant are coming on board for this 30% off deal.

I have been meaning to try Union forever but the last time I went, I forgot to make a reservation and they were fully book when I got there (>_<) So I was thrill to see Union on Dining Date Night, I immediately make for reservation for $10 for the same weekend (^v^).

 When we arrived it looks sort of empty but apparently everyone was on the patio at the back... so we took advantage of it and decided to stay inside.

 Love the bare brick walls together with the antique looking mirrors

 ♥ this blurry pic... don't know why but just loving it

Cheese Plate ~ Morbier & Pimont
This is my first time having Morbier which consist of 2 layers divided by the ash line in the middle, it's basically made by morning's milk which was very strong, pungent with a slightly bitter aftertaste  and evening milk which was a lot creamier in both texture and taste. ♥ it! 
They also had some dried grapes soaked in rum on the side and it was so strong that you can probably get drunk munching on those which is overpowering and really didn't complimented the cheese... would have prefer the normal sweeter version =P

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Went to ki for our girls night dinner I mention here and it was my friend's "tone down" bachelorette  party (no crazy partying or clubbing for her). Let's just say it's not my choice and I would definitely not have chosen this particular Japanese restaurant (>_<)

a little gift from the bride-to-be

a pink duckie that we all sign and wrote on (^v^)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Concrete Waterfall

Have been meaning to come by the Sherbourne Common by Waterfront but haven't had the opportunity until after our visit to Against the Grain here. Isn't it pretty and with the blue lighting it so pretty and the water also cool down the temperature relatively, so it very nice to hand out there. 

Not only it's pretty, it also features a number of sustainability practice ad quoted from their website: "Examples of sustainability features incorporated into the park’s design include easy access to public transportation, storage for bicycles and other alternative means of transportation, reduction of light pollution, water efficient landscaping as well as renewable energy sources for the park’s Pavilion. The Pavilion will also be pursuing LEED Gold certification for the building which is in line with Waterfront Toronto’s mandatory Green Building Requirements."

Against the Grain Urban Tavern

Just wanted to do a quick post of Against the Grain Urban Tavern, quick and short post since I only went there after a girls night dinner for drinks. I have been wanting to go for their patio since it first open since they have a great view by the lake (^_^), but haven't found time to go yet but this night time visit will have to do for now. It was still a great vibe with gas fireplace and comfy sofas for smaller group.

 I had a Mojito, love how much mint there was and not too sweet.

Baja Roasted Chicken Nachos
~ Cheddar and Jack Cheese, bell peppers and red onions nachos w/ tomato salsa,avocado relish and chili scented sour cream.
The avocado relish was king of tasteless with the cheesy nachos and didn't even taste the chili from the sour cream (>_<). But love the toasted cheese on top.