Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pi-Tom's Thai Cuisine

Have been craving for some Thai food and just happen to have a Dealfind deal available for Pi-Tom's Thai Cuisine for the Yonge & Alexander location (they have another location at Jarvis & Dundas). We arrive at 8pm and the patio was packed, so we had to sit inside instead (>_<). Seeing how packed it was, I was quite excited cause it must be good (^_^).

Of course we have to start with a Thai Beer each =P

Satay Beef skewers w/ cucumber salad
There was choice of beef, chicken, lamb or shrimp... Beef was definitely a BAD CHOICE, it was very flavorful but incredibly tough. It took me minutes and minutes to chew though one and a few piece that was so tough that I had to spit it out (>_<) Chicken would definitely have been a better choice.

Authentic Pad Thai
~ Thai rice noodle stir fried w/ chicken, shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts in a sweet and sour tamarind and coconut sauce wrapped in a egg crepe
This was obviously not as good as the ones form Sukhothai and Khao San Road (here) but still very good and definitely no ketchup involve =D Great alternative when you don't want to bump into a lineup at Khao San Road.

Curry Duck
~ roasted duck in curry, lychee, bamboo shoot, pepper, basil
This was my favorite dish of the night, the curry was creamy flavorful with just a touch of spiciness (don't be scared off by their 3 chilies rating on their menu), but the duck itself was just ok (would have been great with any meat). And I have to say that their Thai Basil was incredible fresh and flavorful for both this dish and the next. My only complain is that I didn't find any lychee in it.

Basil Lamb
~ lamb stir fried with basil, peppers and basil
I was rather disappointed when it first arrive since it looks like a ugly Chinese stir fried. But it was ok, at least better than it looked (could have at least thicken the sauce a bit). By the look of it I though it doesn't deserve the 3 chillis from the menu since it didn't look spicy at all but it does have an undertone of spiciness to it... the more you eat the more you could taste it. Although it wasn't bad, I wouldn't recommend it and wish I ordered another curry dish instead.

Cute ★ rice, both the duck and lamb dish came with a serving of rice.

Verdict :
Will go back for their curry if I'm in the area
Rather large portion and pricing
Look out for deals since I saw it on other sites after my visit.

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  1. I got a coupon for here too that i still have to use :S Good to know NOT to order beef skewers :)

  2. Saw the Chicken skewers on another blog and look super good, maybe try that instead =P

  3. i used my coupon too just havent blogged bout it yet...the food here was pretty good of course cant compare to khao san but still yummy...hmmm that curry duck does look yummy too bad i just dt like yellow curry or maybe i might try it one day we will see:)

  4. really, Yellow curry is always the most flavorful. And love the Malaysian version the best =D