Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Went to ki for our girls night dinner I mention here and it was my friend's "tone down" bachelorette  party (no crazy partying or clubbing for her). Let's just say it's not my choice and I would definitely not have chosen this particular Japanese restaurant (>_<)

a little gift from the bride-to-be

a pink duckie that we all sign and wrote on (^v^)

Melon Hanabi w/ muddled jalapeno

Toro Tower topped w/crispy shallots + garlic ponzu dressing
The shallots and garlic flavor was way too strong and was way too prominent. Such a nice piece of toro sashimi, I'll like to have it's own flavor be the star... just letting the fatty goodness melt in your mouth is the best way to go. Toro are so fatty hence oily on it's own, so I don't understand why more oil is needed in the dressing. But still toro is toro, it can't be bad (^_^)

3 types of rolls to share
The presentation of the rolls was horrible here, I would have prefer if it was on separate plate and presented better, even something simple like the one here would be perfect.

Ki Spider Roll
~ soft shell crab, mango, perilla leaves, chivesIt was average, I would have expected more from a higher end Japanese Restaurant like Ki. The soft shell crab wasn't very crispy but I do like the sweet mango which complimented the crab very well.

Didn't try this one...

Kiwi Tuna Rolls 
~ yellowfin tuna, mango, cucumber, spicy tomato salsa, topped with Kyoto miso
It was a rather good combination of the two but again I expected the presentation and all over flavor to be better for $12-15/6pcs roll.

Saikyo-marinated + Black Cod w/ rapini, salmon roe + orange drizzle
This was my main, I choose the cod to be safe since most Japanese places get this right.... the cod was cook just right but the salmon roe on top was just a competition to the cod's flavor and the orange drizzle doesn't go with the roe at all. The big Ikura/Salmon Roe fan that I am, I am complaining of the existence of it on this dish =P

Half rack of smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs w/ ki maple bbq sauce
Took a bite from my friend's and it was way too dry and all flavor came from the sauce on the ribs but the meat itself was pretty bland

I just took picture of the following mains, so I can't comment on weather it's good or not.

grilled Canadian AAA Tenderloin served with a garlic ponzu sauce
~ heard her said that it was very tough

grilled Short Ribs marinated with asian pear-soya and sesame seeds

 pan-seared Fresh Halibut with lemon confit + wasabi cream sauce

Verdict :
Will not go back !!!
Could definitely get better quality Japanese food at a much better price.
Way overpriced for what the are serving, both food quality and presentation wise
Our server went missing a lot of time and it took him more than 30mins to get out bills

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  1. Wow, this place is actually on my list! Passed by it one time and it looked pretty cool. Can't believe it's so bad -_- Lol, the presentation for the kiwi tuna roll is just terrible. Not sure if I want to visit Ki anymore..

  2. Hmm, never tried Ki. But reading your review on the rolls here reminded me of my experience at Blowfish - decent tasting, but way way waaaay overpriced! Won't be back... and doesn't look like I'd want to try Ki either.

  3. Just don't Amy... so many other Jap place that are better... way too overprice for what they are serving =(

  4. I would say maybe for drink cause the cocktail I had was pretty good and they had a pretty decent list of Sake... but just not the food (>_<) The portion is pretty small as well and I wasn't even full after dinner

  5. Yeah Ki & Blowfish are not for food lovers but more for "scene" lovers who may or may not like food.

  6. Not many Japanese restaurants in downtown are like Yuzu for sure! Especially in the financial district everything is a rip off! I only went to Ki for lunch once since my boss paid and I think the bill was $$$$

  7. hey i wanted to try this place too but after your review think it will be off my list now

  8. It was on my list too until I read Stella reviews and other reviews online... oh well

  9. I heard Fabbrica was over-hyped too. I am so glad my sister went with her work party & didn't have to pay a dime (& doubly glad I didn't go AT ALL). It's not everyday one gets to drink $9 bottled water or $32 beer... or have to pay $3 for bread which should be complimentary... then the nerve of them to have a tick-off box for a 15-20% service charge right on the final bill! She said only the desserts were good. I expected better things from Ki also. It looked positively revolutionary. Too bad. I wonder who they bribed for all that good press & those favourable, glowing reviews. Tsk, tsk. Your honesty is very refreshing.

  10. Yup did you see my post on Fabbrica, I went there for lunch and the food was very average at best and I would prefer to head to Joeys if I'm at Shoppe on Dom Mills =D

    Sometime I really don't want to write post of places that I don't like but felt like I should warn of my friends about it (>___<)