Friday, September 2, 2011

Toronto Food Truck Eats (pt 2)

After my horrible experience for part 1 here, I plan ahead and decided to get to Food Truck Eat Part 2 before it actually start. It was announce on twitter the day before that with $10 donation to Second Harvest, you got to start at 10:00am although the event wasn't suppose to start until 11:00am, some sort of VIP access. And also, this time around 3 other friends join us so the 5 of us could line up for different things at the same time (here). This time around there's also a lot more participating vendors and trucks, that is a total of 13 trucks and 13 vendors.
So we arrive at 10:30pm and start lining up for Gorilla Cheese, but the line up was already so long and we may not even be served by 11:00. Not wanting to wast our VIP access, Ben decided to head over to El Gastronomo Vagabundo since last time we were there, the line up for these 2 was the longest.

This time around their menu wasn't as interesting as last time where they had 3 choices; a taco, prok belly and wings.... this time around there was only 2 choices; the Chili Corn Fritters and 
the "Bangkok Dangerous" Taco. 
The corn fritters were amazing, what a great start to the morning. The outside was a little bit crispy, the inside was fluffy and the cucumber basil and hot & sour sauce gave them a punch of flavor.

On the other hand, the taco was very bland.... it was supposed to have green curry, coconut cream adn pickled lotus root which was all so subtle that I didn't taste any of those ingredient. I you would have told me that the pork was blenched, I would have totally believe you.

Organic Ice Tea ~ nothing special
(Ohh and we are still lining up for Gorilla Cheese while eating these)

Bonfire Catering, the wood fire pizza truck.
And if you like them on facebook, the first 50 customer get a special treat =D

Since it was their son's 10th birthday, the treat was fresh lemonade and a slice of this yummy Chocolate Cinnamon Torte, it tasted as good as it looked and goes perfectly with our coffee (^_^)
 Have to say it was a rather huge slice given it FREE 

There was 2 options and we bought both
Fior D'Latte, Garlic and Classic Red sauce finished w/prosciutto and arugula
This was average....

 Peter Rehineharts Famous White sauce, Sauteed Mushrooms, Baby herbed potatoes, 
Feta & garlic
 Ok, we only had a slice , I think I never really had a white sauce pizza until now and this was super delish with all the flavor blending so well together

By the time we return to Gorilla Cheese with our Pizza, we are almost there and ready to order.

 There was 4 choice and we ordered all 4... what can I say apparently all 5 of us like cheese =P

Love the o.g. since the cheddar was so good, just the way a grill cheese should be...
simple and comforting

 the hammer, couldn't really taste the apple since it was so thinly sliced and with the cheddar taste being so strong. I would personally prefer a creamier lighter flavor cheese rather than cheddar to pair with apple...brie maybe?!?

the gorilla sarducci was my favorite, the combination of all the flavor and texture was just divine. 
I have always love tomato in my grilled chesse but have never though of adding balsamic onto it, definitely must try at home (^v^)

 the neapolitan 
~ a dessert grilled cheese w/ hazelnut spread, strawberries and "marsh"carpone on raisin bread
 No one was ordering this but I saw it on BT the day before and just have to try it. 
With the mascarpone cream cheese mix with marshmallow, so technically it's a grilled cheese.
This was heavenly although I would personally prefer to have just the mascarpone without the marshmallow since it a bit too sweet for me but I guess it would have been a bit too runny =P

 While I ask the guys to wait in line for Caplansky's  while we went for Olliffe for some sausages.
 What a cute mini truck (^_^)

Virgin Bloody Bacon Mary 
Yummm extra extra spicy bacon infused tomato juice... this was super spicy, I was totally surprise at how spicy it was and all my friends couldn't take it and I end up with both cup we bought. But you can definitely taste the smoky flavor of the bacon =P

 Piri-Piri Chicken Sausage
 the sausage was super spicy hot but a bit tasteless otherwise, none of us liked it

The 4P Currywurst
this was better because of the flavorful curry ketchup sauce but otherwise the sausage was still very average (here for super yummy sausages)

By the time we finish our hotdogs, we are almost there with the Caplansky's line but we were then told that they ran out of power and the pogo and DF pickle wasn't available and it just happen that it was what I wanted to try (>__<) And the Maple beef bacon donut was not available that day either.... what a disappointment since I really wanted to try their mini donut, heard so many good things

 BBQ Brisket Sliders
 the bun was cold, brisket was dry, tough and tasteless with barely any sauce.
I have been to the restaurant before and like it but I really don't know what happened here (although my favorite is still the ones here)

 Smoked Meat Slider

Limited art, Limited tacos where they pop up time to time all around downtown
It things like that that I wish I work downtown and be able to go to events/places like this (>_<)

 Just look at the color, the soft pastel light airy color; it's just so pretty 
 and you get an artwork with each taco or is it a taco with each artwork =P

Mexico Chorizo Taco
This was so very very good... the spicy chorizo with the sweet peach salsa and the sour pickled onion... it was just a perfect harmony of flavor and texture

 Voltron Fish Taco
 OMG, I though the first one was good but this one was orgasmic (^___^)
The thin light crispy batter, the moist and fresh cod and the Voltron sauce with the most amazing flavor of heat and it it a touch of cinnamon I tasted?!?

Ok it was so good that I went back for second since they only limit 2 tacos per person and I had to share the above 2 with Ben....
it's not even funny since I was so full to the point of exploding already but it was that good.
I hope I'll have the chance to get to their next pop up =P

Remember how I complain on part 1 here that "that vendor" not telling people they are selling out while there was a huge line up...didn't happen this time, most vendor are better staffed and was telling people about it. Even better for La Carnita where they tweeted how many they had left.

Next stop was Po'Nuts (aka Beast Restaurant, see my visit here) for their Maple Bacon Donut.
Yes I finally got my bacon donut  after the disappointment from Caplansky's
I have heard really good thing about it and have been meaning to go back for brunch... who can resist the sweet & salty goodness and it's BACON.... you can actually taste the yummy porky bacon fat goodness in every bite, this was just disgustingly good

DF pork rind.... this was tastless and too tough to eat.... Yuk (>~<)
If you are craving this, please try the one here

I have already professed my love for Augie's Gourmet Ice Pop here and here
So I just have to try all of their 5 feature flavor =P

 Vietnamese Coffee, what can I say ♥ Viet. coffee ♥cold coffee, ♥ this pop version even more

Remember me complaining about the Grapefruit being way too tart and bitter here.... this time around, it's just right, I guess it depends on the quality of the actual fruit since I can't really taste any sugar in it

Have been reluctant to try this restaurant since it's more expensive than your regular Korean restaurant.

 Spicy Pork Neck Tacos
 2 Tacos per serving for $5, probably the cheapest one there is on that day
Love the korean flavor here but after the Voltron fish tacos, no other tacos are good enough =P
But it was still very delicious since I love Korean food but I didn't like the taco shell since it was stuck to the plate... probably because it was steam to keep warm and moist =P

 Double D Steamed Pork Bun
Wish it was fattier and the bun was a tad too big and plain whereas the sauce was clearly hoisin sauce out of the bottle (the Taiwanese version here was so much tastier)

Our last stop by the Twirlee's Ice Cream Truck
I was so stuffed after my 2nd Voltron Taco that I decided to skip ice cream and I have to say I don't regret a bit since I took a small bite from Ben's and it was overly sweet which I don't like

Verdict :
Love it this time around... great job at correcting everything that went wrong the first time
Can't wait for Part 3 on Oct 1st
My current wish is to be able to go to La Carnita next pop up

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