Thursday, July 14, 2011

Evergreen Brick Works (Pt 3 ~ Farmers' Market)

Before taking all these pictures here and here at Evergreen Brick Works, we did of course drop by the Farmers' Market for food =P

Every year I'll wait for Cherries season and will eat it non stop until it's nowhere to be found

Yummy Soft Caramel w/ gourmet salt

w/ free sampling =P

 Have to grab a Really Good Cookies which has a very homey feel to it =D
Ben had the Chocolate Cake with Sour Cream but we both didn't like it... it's just not chocolaty enough

Fresh Hand roasted Coffee, very yummy earthy dirt like taste

Yes, I just have to try the rest of their flavor after professing my love here

Pineapple + coconut milk + ginger + lime
(so so on this one)
Grapefruit + ginger + lime 
(really grapefuit-y tart, it's one one those flavor that you hate or love... and I ♥
Honeydew + cucumber + lime + basil 
(this was my fave out of the 3)
Overall I like the 3 flavor that I had here last time better, but that's ok since I'll be back for more

Live music ♪♫

Clement's Crepes
~ Organic Whole Wheat Flour, organic free range eggs, whole milk, sea salt & fresh ingredients from the farmers' market with both sweet and savory to choose from

 Vegetarian Crepe
~ Mozzarella, Sauteed Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Peppers, Organic Spinach, Roasted Garlic Sauce (added a fresh cracked eggs +$1)
 Probably the best $10 I've spend at any "food events" and probably the best crepe I had in Toronto.

 A bouquet fit for a foodie like me (^_^)
Look at the burn cheese lace border with all the beautiful colors peeping through.
The Crepe itself was thicker taht I've anticipated but it was super moist, soft and flavorful.
Surprisingly easy to eat in this cone shape and much easier without plate and cutlery and guess what, even the messy me didn't drop a single peace. 
It was also quite a big portion, if you want to try other things better share with a friend.
♥ it, a must try

Fresh Fries + Fresh Herbs
~ was full by then, didn't try this

Sursur Lee also have a booth there.... but it was the only place without lineup =(

I was excited to find it there since I never had one before but was extremely disappointed that there was only sauce choices and NO CHEESE =(

Had Combo#1, it was good but it was really nothing special

Organic Lemonade (^v^)
 Unlike the one I had here,this is what I call lemonade, no sweetener / soda nonsense and it's for half the price
 Super nice way to end and start venturing around 

Verdict :
Will be seeing me going back on a regular basic
♥ Loving this place ♥
The crepe is def a must try and remember to bring your camera


  1. So beautiful there! I think I will love it too =) The crepe is also beautiful hehe ^^

  2. ooo didnt see popsicles when i was there must try that next time

    the line for the crepe was too long so i didnt try it now i wished i had lined up after all...ur crepe bouquet looks yummy:)

    omg the buddha dog booth there sucked big the county was better oh well

  3. I think they weren't there last time you went =( They just got a spot the week I went, I was looking for them since I love it back at the Truck Eats =P

  4. Aw shucks kiki..thanks for the enthusiastic review!...Tim Clément

  5. byw, we now are offering both Red Fife whole grain flour, and Buckwheat crêpe (for those who are celiac, or have a wheat sensitivity...or just love Buckwheat). Next weeks Crêpe du Jour - juicy sweet organic peaches from BizJack with organic dark melting chocolate from ChocoSol...TC

  6. Thanks for reading Tim.. I bet I'll be back real soon for more =D