Monday, July 25, 2011

Kensington Market

 After sausages/beer here and ice cream here, we headed down to Queen Street for some shopping then decided to head to Kensington Market to see if I would make some Vintage Find. And we pass by Chinatown and can't resist to grab a fresh cold sugarcane juice =P So refreshing, So good !!!

These Vintage Cowboy boots just look so pretty but I can never get myself to wear second hand shoes. my limit is bags and jeweleries (>_<)

 ♥ Vintage Suitcases, I will def get some of these when I've a place of my own

Really wanted to try this Butterscotch Bacon cookies but they were sold out =(
I will def go back for this =P

It was so hot that we were thirsty again so just have one =P

Luis Coffee Stop, the iconic corner coffee shop at the corner which is great for people watching while enjoying their coffee

Took this pic on our way back and they were closing up but just want to show you how it looks like
After enjoying our cold coffee we went next door to Casa Acoreana Cafe to bring some coffee beans home. They are basically the same shop.... 
you can find all king of teas and coffee here at a very low price

You can always find super fresh fruits and veggies

Always love browsing the fun stuff at Blue Banana Market

Meet tenderizer Knukle ring =P

 Just have to love this cake stand (^_^)
Which type of gal are you?!? 
I think I'll choose "sharing optional", I'll always say let's share and cut a big piece but end up eating most of it =P

 I really don't know how they move this around, it's always at a different location

Just love those fire escape stairs =P


  1. That market looks like my type of place!

  2. great post...i would be the same gal as u...sharing optional;)