Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Queues de Castor

Queues de Castor (beaver Tail), it's just must eat each time I'm at Montreal or Quebec 
since you there's only 2 location in Toronto which is the Toronto Zoo and CNE which is really not your everyday place to be. So just have to have at least one during my visit here at Old Quebec.
I prefer Beavertails over Funnels cakes a lot more, finding the batter/pastry less sweet yet more flavorful and much less oily.

BeaverTails is a whole wheat pastries that are stretched into the shape of a beaver's tail and float cooked in canola or soya oil. It's made to order and serve piping hot with butter and top with yummy toppings. 
I always order either the classic Cinnamon & Sugar or Chocolate & Banana and this time I choose the latter.

♥ it !!! Simple delicious goodness =D

Ice-Cream also available =D

Verdict :
Will never get tired of BeaverTails 
♥ hot yummy desserts =P

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  1. I want beaver tails for dinner now haha!

  2. I know, I wish there's some location here