Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Song Cook's

Went to SONG Cook's on Canada Day since didn't know where to go for lunch except for Chinese restaurant that are open, we called a few other places and none of them are open except this Korean Restaurant. Read Karen's review form Eat Here Next here and I just can't wait to try out the oh-so-pretty cold noodle =P

 I was greeted in Korean as usual and as per my friends, it's because I do look more Korean than Chinese... do you think so ?!? 
It was pack when we arrived, full of Korean people and I immediately thought that this should be good and authentic (^_^) There was 2 sections to choose from, a regular table section and a tatami section where you seats on the floor. Since there was only tables available on the tatami side, we didn't really had a choice. I personally like it better since it;s much nicer on this side although I have to said that it's quite uncomfortable =P

Complimentary Kimchi which was not as spicy as I would have like and the radish slices was only sour while only a touch of heat from the outside. This came in pretty big pieces and a thong and scissors was provided to cut into these.

 Sauces for the Noodles.

~ veggies, beef and black bean sauce on noodles
One of the best I ever had in Toronto since most of the ones I had tasted like instant noodles.
 The noodle was very soft while the sauce was just the right amount, consistency, texture and flavor... don't be overwhelm by the amount of sauce if you have never had this since it's really perfect and no as salty as the Chinese Version and having each noodle cover with the sauce is just oh-so-perfect.

DwenJang ChiOae
~ veggies & tofu stewed in soy bean sauce
My Dad doesn't like spicy food and it was his vegetarian-day (for Chinese Calendar every 1st & 15th of each month), so he order this one thinking that it won't be spicy and all veggies & tofu but it came with a tiny bit of heat and the broth has seafood in it. So don't be fool by the description from the menu, but it was really flavorful and full of the fresh sweet seafood yumminess.

Unlike your usual Korean restau, the stew didn't come with rice; so we order a bailey & bean brown rice which was for $3.50. It was pretty tasteless in my opinion
(♥ the one from here a lot more)

Stir fry Spicy Sliced Pork
The meat was tasteless as if it's not been marinated at all and even the sauce wasn't salty enough with only a tiny bit of heat. Definitely the worst I had in Toronto, most Korean places get this dish right.

~ buckwheat noodle w/ beef slices and cold broth
♥♥♥ this, especially with the spicy liquid-y mustard that they called Korean wasabi (^_^)
Korean styled cold noodle is mostly only available in summer here and I have always love it. Unlike other style of cold noodle like Chinese or Japanese, the only served theirs cold but Korean style have shaved ice in their broth to make it super cold and refreshing. Extra refreshing from the vinegary/sour type of broth and the pickled thin slices of radish. This is the first time I ate one with a slice of watermelon, it sweet and just as cold and refreshing.

Of course we have to drop by Galleria, a Korean Supermarket which is just next door.
This is one of the 2 location of the supermarket, I always like to browse there and bring home some Korean Style Instant Noodles and Kimchi (there's tons of different type sold by grams)
We got some treats that day =D
Magnun Ice Cream Bar which we rarely see in Canada but very popular in Hong Kong and China

The Caramel was in between 2 layers of chocolate    o(^_^)o

Haven't have our daily dose of coffee yet but didn't feel like our usual since it was so hot that day and decided to give this a try which wasn't as sweet as expected. Not bad for $0.99/ea

Verdict :
You'll be seeing me going back quite regularly for the cold buckwheat noodle and the black bean noodle before the end of summer =D 
Great change from the usual piping hot Korean stew.
This will be my new fave Korean restaurant for summer

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  1. Those noodles look so good =) I don't eat cold noodles much (not that i don't like it i just never order it for some reason) but def gonna try this!

    Magnum is making its way into Canada...lotsa marketing recently *yay* =D

  2. i know, Ben is the one who's a fan of Magnum.

    Korean cold noodle are so good, you should def try before summer ends =d

  3. hey glad u liked the place^_^

    i wanted to sit on the floor but my bf doesnt like to since it's so uncomfortable i think it looks nice hehe

    btw i think u can pass as korean :)

    i dont like the kimchi since i find it too vinegary

    the cold noodles & the blk bean noodles are really good here but dunno bout that pork u least the other 2 noodles dishes made up for this:)