Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St Lawrence Market

 Bought my Dad to St Lawrence Market last week, we ate and bought a lot lot of stuff back home. I have always love going there once in a while during warmer weather. Even if you don't cook, there so many places to eat and a lot of ready-to-eat items such as cheese and charcuterie etc (^_^)

 First stop would be the Carousel Bakery to get their "World Famous Peameal Bacon Sandwich" and they have been at this same location for over 30 years. There`s a lot of imitation out there with none being very successful and if you have tried this place you`ll never be satisfied by any others.

 There`s a constant line up and there was some sort of production line going on at the back with your sandwich readily available as you pay... just like McDonald in a way but no worry since there's always people lining up so guarantee you'll get a fresh and hot sandwich.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Taste of Asia

Taste of Asia takes place every year for the past 9 years normally on the last weekend of June, located just outside of Pacific Mall (Kennedy Rd and Steeles Ave). There's around 180 vendors, mostly being food vendors and to me that's their main attraction.

Although it's describe as a multicultural event, frankly it's mostly about Chinese/Hong Kong street food. I have given up going 2-3 years ago since it's always the same thing over and over again, not to mention that most thing are over priced, non-professional, poorly cooked and super long line up (really can't compare to the real HK street food). Most better tasting vendors are actually restaurant or store that you can visit any days without the crowd. But I know that unlike me, many other visit because of the crowd.

But since my Dad is here from Hong Kong, I thought it would be fun to bring him =D
We ate Lunch before heading over so we were very full and didn't really try a lot and also because hate lining up (so stinky there with the Stinky Tofu)

Grilled Specialty Toast
Read about this fun Chinese Toast vendor on Toronto Star here and decided to try it out, finally something new.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding @ Old Mill Inn

Went to a friend's wedding 2 weeks ago at The Old Mill Inn which was such a gorgeous location, one of the few that you could find in the city. The weather was also great which allow the ceremony to take place outside

Can you make of the letter on the cake... it a A and a H combine together and it took me a while to figure it out =P

 I wore the outfit here to this wedding (^_^)

Food was not that great, I prefer Chinese wedding fare cause normally better quality for your $$$

way too sweet soup

As usual the meat was way overcooked

At least you can't go wrong with fruits

Their cake was super yummy, surprisingly not sweet with a bit of tang from the fruit inside which I'm not sure what it is (berry? cheery? grapes?)
♥ it, best wedding cake I've had not that I had been to a lot of weddings =P

 Ok, wedding is not about food but for the celebration of love and the best part of the night is when the groom surprise the bride with a serenade of "Just the Way You Are" on the piano.
So cute & romantic o(^_^)o

This is the most hours I have ever spend at a wedding, we arrive at around 4pm when the ceremony started and we dance away until 2:30am =P

And of course there was open bar and we had quite a bit of shots with the couple at the end =D

Classic Coach

Remember that Vintage Coach that I got on ebay that I posted/told you guys here.

Coach recently just relaunch a Classic Collection and this small version is sold for $300 here (it's not even available on it's own website) and I bought it for around $30 including shipping =P

And right now I've loving this Stewardess Sholder bag here

Or the Willis here

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Went to a friend's wedding 2 weeks ago and since the ceremony starts at 4pm which is a bit earlier than the usual Chinese weddings, I need something lighter than my usual LBDssss (yea I have a habit of getting a lot of black)... so I opted for something as close : Grey with a lot of ruching to get the sliming effect that I usually get from wearing black =P

Trattoria Mercatto

Went to Mercatto at Eaton Centre last Thursday for Lunch since we'll be spending the day shopping there and why would I not be at work on a Thursday you ask, because my Dad is here from Hong Kong for a month long vacation and we took a week off to show him around. Ben practically work next to Mercatto but have never been and been craving to try it out, while I was excited to go because their executive Chef is Robert Rossi from Top Chef Canada (♥ that show).

As soon as I enter, I fell in love with the decor with all the rustic wooden table, metal chairs and bar but since it was such a nice day, we decided to sit in the patio.

Secret Garden

A secret garden in a concrete forest 
I know it's only the City Hall rooftop, but I would like to think of it as my secret garden.
This was my first time coming up here and was surprise to find no one there while Nathan Phillips Square down there was packed. It was so much cooler and relaxing up here... I would love to come back with a drink and a book to enjoy a nice afternoon
You may have seen me wearing this dress here with a belt, but it was way too hot that day and wanted something flowy, so I just skip the belt altogether.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hermes wannabe

I don`t think I`ll be able to afford a Hermes handbag in my life time since it`s the same price of a small apartment (O_o)"

So I have been wanting to get my hands on one of this Canvas version called Banane Taipei that have been all the rage in Asia. It was sold out everywhere and have a waiting list from their website.... then a few weeks ago, I bump onto a site that have limited color stock with free shipping to Canada & US.
And while I just check back and they had more color available... should have waited a bit longer.

Outfit Details: 
Necklace - F21; Dress & Bracelets -H&M; Bag - Banane Taipei; Sunglasses - Prada.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Work Leftover

Sometime during Summer, I like to getaway with wearing lighter summery dresses to work which I do try to keep it more formal by wearing a blazer or light sweater in the office 
(or throw on a pair of tights for colder weather)
So by tossing the jacket, I'll have a casual comfy outfit to go out after work cause sometime you just don't feel like changing (yes I can be lazy) So here's my work leftover, work outfit leftover =P

Got this dress back on my trip to Orlando here.


Went to e11even with a few friends 2 weeks ago since I really wanted to try their crab cakes (^_^).

The decor was very modern with contemporary furnishing, you are welcome by a huge glass wine cellar as you enter from the inside entrance or on your way to the washroom.

Love the mirrored by the bar, even if you are not seated to have a street view, you'll be able to get a really good look from that =P

love the huge "square" light that was as long as the bar table, such a simple statement piece

Very cool ipad wine/drinks list

The guys ordered beer while me and my gf shared a bottle of red (forgot too take pic)

The bread was so good, we probably ask for 4 of these and there was only 5 of us =P
This round cutie was warm, perfectly golden on the outside with a super soft and moist inside w/ just a sprinkle of salt on top which gave it the perfect texture and contrast to the slightly sweet milky bread.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I love Indian food but mostly bought take out and this was my first time going to an Indian restaurant in Toronto. As usual I bump into a dealfind coupon and read some review.... here I am at Kamasutra a few weeks later.

Better decor than I have expected =P

Feel like wine wouldn't really go with curry so ordered beer instead.
Ben decided to be adventurous and order an Indian Beer.... it was sort of strange tasting, a bit herb-y spicy tasting and really not my cup of beer O_o"