Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trattoria Mercatto

Went to Mercatto at Eaton Centre last Thursday for Lunch since we'll be spending the day shopping there and why would I not be at work on a Thursday you ask, because my Dad is here from Hong Kong for a month long vacation and we took a week off to show him around. Ben practically work next to Mercatto but have never been and been craving to try it out, while I was excited to go because their executive Chef is Robert Rossi from Top Chef Canada (♥ that show).

As soon as I enter, I fell in love with the decor with all the rustic wooden table, metal chairs and bar but since it was such a nice day, we decided to sit in the patio.

 I was a bit disappointed that they serve packaged bread sticks instead of something fresh.
It's very good pre-packed sticks but still nothing beats freshly made breads

~ marinated eggplant, red wine vinegar, olive oil, mint
 Love the presentation on the huge wood block but it was way too sour for our taste and couldn't really taste the actual eggplant....the "bread" thingy on the side, I'm not sure if it's for dipping or not but if it is, it;s not very absorbent =P

 Ciccioli Frolli
~ crispy pork belly, chicory, apple, aged balsamic
 Heaven (^_^) Such a beauty!! 
Super crispy skin, not so soft slightly chewy still melt in your mouth fatty goodness with the perfect ration of skin, fat and meat which is paired perfectly with the thinly sliced crispy apple and sweet balsamic. Don't be mistaken but this was an app and it was large enough to be a main.

Margherita Pizza
~ tomato, fior di latte, basil
I tend to order Margherita most of the time especially first time trying out a restaurant pizza, it's just one of my fave =D
The sauce and mozzarella tasted great together with the extra fresh basil while the crust was thin and crispy on the side.

Pancetta e Caprino Pizza
~ Italian Bacon, goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions
Love the presentation with the cherry tomatoes, just so cute but have to be extra careful biting into in with all it's juices squeezing out, I'll remember to take the whole tomato in one bite =P
I found their crust somehow lack of flavor and a bit on the dry side especialy this one while the Margherita was better since it has more sauce and with a moist mozzarella cheese.
It was good but not great  and a bit too dry (again, my fave is still Pizza Libretto)

Chili Oil, somehow there was only chili and almost non existent oil

Agnello Panini
~ braised lamb, roasted banana peppers, pecorino
I like this panni better than the pizzas, the bread was tasty fresh crispy crunchy outside and super moist inside. 
The lamb was moist and blasting with flavor while the roasted peppers gave it a bit of heat.

Our view on the patio, right next to a Church and there was a yard sale

Last but not least I thought I would share a picture of their washroom. They have unisex individual washroom and I just love every part of it, from the newspaper wallpaper, the lights, the wood counter top to the wire basket holding the toilet paper

Verdict :
Would love to go back someday and sit inside to enjoy the decor
Will be back for the pork belly, the lamb panini and maybe try some other dishes

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  1. yummy pix great shots now i wanna go

  2. Your post makes me want to go there right now :) nice pics and the pork belly looks like its to die for~

  3. Haha I still can't believe that you got a shot of Alfonso in the second pic! :) Your pics of the interior are really nice!

  4. LOL, you gurls have good eyes since the pic is not all that clear and it was only his profile =D