Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Secret Garden

A secret garden in a concrete forest 
I know it's only the City Hall rooftop, but I would like to think of it as my secret garden.
This was my first time coming up here and was surprise to find no one there while Nathan Phillips Square down there was packed. It was so much cooler and relaxing up here... I would love to come back with a drink and a book to enjoy a nice afternoon
You may have seen me wearing this dress here with a belt, but it was way too hot that day and wanted something flowy, so I just skip the belt altogether.

Outfit Details: 
Necklace - F21; Dress -H&M; Sunglasses - Prada


  1. seriously u should be the PR for H&M since ur so great at promoting their products:)

  2. you should check out the roof top at royal york. It's really pretty too! =)

  3. @Mary : I'll keep that in mind =D
    Thanks for the tip

    @Eat Here Next: I know, the Banane (Hermes) bag that I posted, at least 5 friends bought it from that website... I should get commission or something from those people =P