Monday, June 20, 2011


Went to e11even with a few friends 2 weeks ago since I really wanted to try their crab cakes (^_^).

The decor was very modern with contemporary furnishing, you are welcome by a huge glass wine cellar as you enter from the inside entrance or on your way to the washroom.

Love the mirrored by the bar, even if you are not seated to have a street view, you'll be able to get a really good look from that =P

love the huge "square" light that was as long as the bar table, such a simple statement piece

Very cool ipad wine/drinks list

The guys ordered beer while me and my gf shared a bottle of red (forgot too take pic)

The bread was so good, we probably ask for 4 of these and there was only 5 of us =P
This round cutie was warm, perfectly golden on the outside with a super soft and moist inside w/ just a sprinkle of salt on top which gave it the perfect texture and contrast to the slightly sweet milky bread.

Crab Cake w/ mustard remoulade
This was what I came for and definitely the star of the night. Good thing we order 2 to share among the 5 of us cause I would not mind finishing one or even both on my own =P
There was only crab, no other veggies mix into in... only crab meat held together by the thin crust with minimal seasoning goes perfectly with the mustard remoulade. I would say this is probably my fave crab cake I've tasted in Toronto. 
My only complain would be that I expected it to be slightly thicker O_o" am I asking too much =P

Kobe Meatball w/ tomato & parmesan
Note it's meatball not meatballs =P 
This huge meatball served on it's own mini cast iron skillet was such a feast to the eyes but too bad it look a lot better than it taste.,, found the meat to me a bit mushy in texture, the parmesan on top wasn't brown enough which add to the mushy-ness.

Double Cut Bacon w/ maple sherry glazed
Love the combination of the salty bacon with the maple glazed and cut extra thick, I was in heaven.
Don't understand how something so simple can be so good

Sheep's Milk Ricotta w/ fresh herbs & fresh country bread.
This was a nice change from the usual cheese dip, the ricotta was super fluffy light and airy which goes perfectly with the herb and swirled of olive oil. This is my 2nd favorite of the night.

Truffled Mac N' Cheese
This was a side but ordered this as an app to share. Served pipping hot with crispy golden bread crumbs top. You just can't go wrong with cheese, pasta and truffle oil.

This was a side of fries my friend ordered, it was really nothing special

Knife & Fork baby Back Ribs
w/ chopped peanuts, yukon fries and coleslaw
As promised by our waitress, it was indeed fall off the bone... but i would say the meat wasn't as moist or fatty as I would have liked and the sauce was overly sweet for my taste. The coleslaw was overly creamy to my taste which wasn't refreshing after the sweet sauce and really I don't see the point of the peanut on top apart from for presentation sakes.
Nothing beats the one from Stockyard that I blogged here.

Halibut w/ sauteed mushroom and sea asparagus
This was my friend's special of the day and I would say the fish was not as moist as i would like but the mushroom was perfect and also first time trying sea asparagus for all of us. I would say the sea asparagus was a mix of seaweed (quite salty too)and beans =P

Slowed Roasted Prime Rib w/ creamy horseradish
According to my friend, it tasted as plain as it looked

Linguini w/ sunny side egg & doubled smoked bacon
Ben ordered this and I think this was the best tasting entree. The pasta was cooked al dente, right amount of creaminess (some places drown their pasta in sauce) which was perfect with the yolk mix in and the crispy salty bacon gave the right contrast of texture and flavor.

We skip dessert since we were all so full, but before you leave please visit the washroom.
Not only will you pass by the beautiful wine cellar, you'll find something inside that you'll only normally see in Japan (^_^)

Verdict :
Love their appetizers and definitely the best crab cake in Toronto.
Found their entree so so, not really worth the price.
I will probably go back, order all apps since I really want to try the rest and enjoy it with a bottle of wine or two =P

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  1. My sentiments exactly: their appetizers are a lot better than their entrees (I went back once for dinner after my initial tasting there and found their entrees to be nothing special). But really, the crab cake rocks my world!!!!!!! =D

  2. man i still want that crab cake gotta go soon and will take both ur advice and just stick wit the apps

  3. So good... all crab crab cake =P