Friday, June 3, 2011


I have already declare my love of SOMA previously here and here, so during my visit to Distillery, I just have to drop by to replenish my chocolate stash =P
We were so full when we headed there after our lunch here, so we end up buying the a bunch of snacks to go and their gelato.

So many to choose from and I wanted all of them =P

Ok I can't buy every single one, but here's what we got.

Chips ~ Snappy handmade almond crisps
This is so airy light, super crispy and not very sweet which allow the almond shine throu

English Toffee ~ handmade toffee with Peruvian dark chocolate 64% & Almonds
Love the big big peaces of almond on it instead of the usual chopped up one =P

Dark Chocolate Bark ~ thin sheets of 64% Peruvian dark Chocolate with berry handmade toffee, roasted cacao bean nibs, feuilletine, spiked with beautiful little barberries
Need I say more, I already declare my love here.
Just a perfect combination of sweet, bitter and tangy lemony flavor with the perfect combination of texture from all the ingredients.

 The Green Chinese take out box hold 4 different kind of tumbles.

 Roasted Almonds tumbled in dark Peruvian chocolate 
(simple goodness)

Lightly salted roasted corn tumbled in Costa Rican Milk Chocolate 
(♥ the salty sweet combo & super crispy corn)

Wild Cherries in dark Peruvian chocolate
(again the bitter sweet tangy combination that I ♥)

Roasted Cashews tumbled in Costa Rican Milk Chocolate infused with Chain spice
(didn't like this at all since I'm not a Chai fan and didn't like the cashews texture which was too soft)

Tried their Gelato but was ok... nothing special that I would rave about except that it melt super fast

After walking around a bit and my friend join us, we went back and this time I can't resist to order
Mayan Hot Chocolate Intense Shot
this is soooo good, love this intense shot instead of the whole cup and also better for a hot summer day compare to a whole cup of hot chocolate (cold one just doesn't taste as good)
♥ the chilli + chocolate, once you try it you'll be addicted =P

Verdict :
♥♥♥ this place
I think I'll go back to get their big 1kg dark chocolate to make a fondu at home =P
will go back each time I'm at Distillery 

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  1. been wanting to try this place for a while and after reading ur review oh man wouldnt know what to buy

  2. i would suggest to try their tumblers which are sold in smaller packs =D
    and I would say these 2 are a good start Lightly salted roasted corn & the Wild Cherries in dark Peruvian chocolate