Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snacks #2 =P

My fist Snack post here was really popular and I really wanted to do another post but since I've been eating out so much, I did cut back on snacks and haven't gone as crazy =( But here's a few new discoveries that I would like to share with you (^_^)

It's basically fried pork skin and when you this is as good if not better than the fresh ones like the one here. I bought a pack last year at Food Basic and haven't been able to find it since until recently I saw it at both Food Basics and Shoppers Drug Mart =D
This is a super crispy, airy and full of pork flavor which goes perfectly with a bottle of beer 

Rice Pop ~ Korean Style
This is basically a very tiny amount of rice that's been pop up in a machine to form that huge size.
It's a much lighter and airier version compare to the Quaker Rice chips that we usually buys. You just have to go to a Korean Supermarket to see the machine at work, it's just amazing how fast and how little rice you need to pop up this.
I ate half of this pack already before I remember to take a pic =P But It's normally $2 for a whole big pack, it's really one of the cheapest and healthier snack that I know of.
This may not be for everyone since as per my bf's mum "it's like eating air" but I personally love the low caleries, the texture and the actual taste which is slightly sweet with rice flavor

Chocolate from SOMA in the distillery that I feature here
Love this one with the barberries (taste and feel like dried cranberries)

Flaming Hot Crunchy Cheetos
Got this back when I visited Orlando last month and this was surprisingly spicy.
♥♥ this but they don't have it in Toronto (not that I know of) =(

 I know it's a bit blurry but that's the only pic I had and this pack was long gone but I want to show you how it's more RED than your usual orange cheetos (^_^)

And of course my new favorite from Bobette & Belle from my post here
Passion fruit Marshmallow and Chocolate Toffee w/ hazelnut


  1. Everything looks yummy here.. esp the pork rinds.. hahaha

  2. I think they do not sell it all year round so if you want to try better go get it now =D It is really really good, love it, great change from boring potatoes chip

  3. I love the rice pop, have been buying it for years =D

  4. gotta head to food basic now to get that pork rind sounds yummy

  5. yes yes yes.... I think I'll hvae to go and stock up on a few more =D