Monday, May 9, 2011

Table 17 (Telus Taste of Tuesday)

I took advantage of the Telus Taste of Tuesday promotion last month to revisit Table 17 in which you get a free appetizer and dessert with the purchase of an entree. I have absolutely love my first visit here and have been meaning to go back since and this was a great opportunity.

That`s the view when you enter Table 17, just love everything about it.... 
♥ the location, the decor & the food

 I was once again seated at the same side of the restaurant as my last visit here where all the 2 seats table are.

Hot Balls
 Arancino ~ mushroom & Fontina stuffed risotto w/ tomato sauce
Goat Cheese ~ w/ wildflower honey
Arancino ~ Special lamb stuffed risotto w/ mint sauce

I have been meaning to go back to try their hot balls no matter if there was promotion or not since I didn't order it last time and have been regretting it since =(
This wasn't part of the special promotion and was on the Shared Dishes section and is not consider as an appetizer... so we order the single serving and cut each in half so that we both can try each flavor. I regretted it once I had my first bite and thought that we should order the double portion so that we could get one each.
Each of the sauce complimented each of the balls surprisingly well and love how it's served pipping hot.

Arancino ~ Special lamb stuffed risotto w/ mint sauce
This was super creamy... Yummmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Goat Cheese w/ wildflower honey
It is cheese, it's fried, it's sweet (honey), how can I not love it (^_^)

Beef Tartare
We haven't been served bread maybe it's because both of our appetizers come with toast already but wish it was taoasted fresh since it was a bit hard and tough (same for both app) =(
Really like this one, love that it's not tightly packed, not sticky and no other over-whelming sauce... simple is sometimes the best and love how the beets just blended in both color and texture wise

Chicken Liver Parfait
~ with toast, pickles, mustard and very lightly dress bitter greens
This is my first time having a Chicken liver pâté and was pleasantly surprise at how intense the flavor was... super creamy and goes perfectly with the Dijon mustard spread over the toast. The bitter greens was a perfect palette cleanser and even the pickled veggies was make to perfection, crispy with a great balance of sweet and sour.  The portion was also surprisingly large so we got to spread an humongous amount on each toast =P

Lamb Shank w/ risotto
The whole lamb shank was infused with flavor and even the risotto was so good.

 This was moist and fall off the bone, I didn't even need to use my knife

 I guess this says it all... Yummm =P

This was cook just as requested : Medium Rare.. just look at the pink center, just looking at it make me smile (^_^)
But the star was the hash on the side, it was super yummy with the bacon flavor infused into the each cube of potatoes... it was so good that both of us was fighting over it =P

Gateaux Elvis
~ chocolate gateaux, peanut butter mouse, caramelized banana
The chocolate cake was very light and the peanut butter mouse was so light and fluffy but pack as much flavor as if scoop directly from the jar... so good !!!

Really wanted to try their Honey and Pistachio tart but it was sold out, so we settled with the dessert that we had last time here

Sticky Toffee Pudding
My usual warm oooyee gooyee goodness, as good as I remember it

Verdict :
Love it as much as my first time and I would need to go back for Brunch soon.
Too bad the Honey & Pistachio tart was sold out cause I really wanted to try it

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  1. great post! i absolutely love sticky toffee pudding! i need to find a good excuse to come here now haha

  2. @CARMEN : My fave Sticky Toffee Pudding is from Beast

    @The Food Junkie : Yup, ♥ it and after seeing your Brunch post, I need to go =P

  3. awesome pix i love love loooove their hot balls...also i wanted to try the tart as well but it was sold out so we ordered the elvis too and it was good sure made elvis proud hehe