Monday, May 16, 2011

Flowers (Orlando)

 Find it only fitting to wear a cute flowery dress to Epcot.
Bought this the first day shopping at the Outlet Mall from F21 from my post here.

 My Fave Disney Princess and Price - Beauty & the Beast

Apart from Mickey, here's my fave Disney Character : Tinker Bell (^_^)

Outfit Details: 
Dress & Sunglasses - F21; Bag - Juicy Couture


  1. did you check out Epcot Japan? is the pearl opening store still there?

  2. Yes it's still there but I'm just not that into pearls =P
    and it's so expensive, they have the same thing in China and it's so much cheaper there

  3. luv ur flower dress it's so adorable on u

  4. Thanks (^_^)It's super cheap at f21