Friday, May 27, 2011


Got a TeamBuy coupon of $30 for $60 worth of food and drink at Stonegrill. Let's just say, I bought it mainly for Ben since he wanted to go for a while and it was a good deal but personally I just can't justified myself paying that price to cook my own meal (>_<). Basically, Stonegrill use a "dry cooking" method where meat is cooked on a super hot natural volcanic stone and the high cooking temperature will cook the meat super fast, lock in the natural juices, nutrients and flavors.

When we arrived at around 7:00pm on a Wednesday night, it was barely 1/3 full even with the deal going on

The service was relatively slow since there was only one waiter for the whole place including bar duties. The bread was really so so, a bit tough but the hummus was really good.

And the waiter do know how to pour a Guinness

Stoned Mushroom $16
~ king, oyster, shitaki and portobello mushroom on stone w/ scented truffle aioli, soya sauce, sesame seed oil and sambal oelek (chilli sauce)
This is the only appetizer that was stone grill, so we have to order this and also because nothing else sounded good. This was really a ripped off, $16 for just those few pieces of mushroom. And they cook way too fast and turn dry rather quickly given there was no oil or sauce. I think some of them are not even meant to be cook like that due to the low water content... so the best tasting was the portobello, I wish there was only one big portobello

26-Day aged AAA Beef Tenderloin $33
The stone was so hot that my steak is to my "blue" status within a minute being served and I have to move it to the side plate to prevent it to cook any further. Although it's a really good steak, it just doesn't justified to pay that much for an un-cook one... we probably pay it mostly for the heated stone but you really got to play with it for less than a minute. If I pay over $30 for a steak, I expect someone who knows how to cook it to perfection for me..this was really plain tasting, I prefer the grill exterior that you get a steakhouse much better.

Meat Combination $45
~ Striploin, bison rib-eye, sirloin and lamb
We should have just order this to share.... there was basically not enough stone surface to cook the meat and since mine was done so quick, Ben move a few pieces over to mine =P
The Striploin and sirloin was so-so, just as my tenderloin. We didn't know how well cook the bison need to be (the server didn't leave any instruction) and the best part was the lamb I guess

Verdict :
This meal def have not change my view of Stonegrill, that is we shouldn't pay to cook our own food unless it's super cheap (example: Korean BBQ or AYCE Hot Pot)
Not worth it, I would suggest you head to your supermarket and fire up the grill, it would taste much better and a lot cheaper

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  1. This place is horrific. I have no idea why it is still opened. I basically had the exact same experience as you. I just feel like I was paying for cooking my own meat, expensive meat, that I have no experience cooking and I was so stressed that I would overcook and mess the whole thing up. And it's soo expensive too and not worth it. Also, similar to you, when my bf and i went there was hardly anybody and when it started filling up, it was still that one server serving everyone and we had to get up to the bar to pay our bill because nobody was coming by! Nuts >_<

  2. LOL, guess no improvement at all

    I just can't believe how many people actually like this place and recommended it >~<

  3. me too even with the voucher it still came out pretty expensive...i never had ostrich before so wouldn't know how to cook it at all..also there was no seasoning on it watsoever...sooo expensive & def not worth checkin out

    such a waste of money

  4. I agree, but try to use simple sentences with a noun, a verb, etc. thanks.