Monday, May 23, 2011


Fell in love with this vintage looking tee from man's section at H&M and since Ben didn't like it, I'll get it for myself. I just bought it in a bigger size and cut off the collar across the shoulder... I sometimes find regular t-shirt a bit boring and I just like to do some DIY to give it my own personal twist and also a great way to make an oversize tee a better fit without looking like sleepwear =P
What do you thing ???

Outfit Details: 
men's t-shirt -H&M; Skirt - ZARA; Shoes (on sale for $20) - Convers;
  Galliera GM Bag - Louis Vuitton


  1. Very creative! I should start cutting some T-shrts too haha

  2. cut some slits on the back of a tank would look cool for summer =P

  3. I've been following your post for food and fashion and your style is amazing!

    When I need inspirations for good eats (especially more authentic/exotic pork fat yummies), I just go on your blog =)

    Thumbs up!

  4. Thanks =D
    glad that this blog gives you inspiration

    I have a facebook page now so you could see my blog update and link more easily (LIKE it on the side bar) thanks for the support =)