Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicken & Noodles Chinese restaurant

This is one of the restaurant that I've been going back again and again since I first came to Toronto some 14 years ago. For the past few years, I tend to go back for the same dishes over and over again.

Chilli Oil
Most of you should know already that I love spicy food, so I just have to mention that they have one of the best chilli oil in Toronto. Def my fave =P

Dry shrimp eggs E-fu Noodle w/ mushroom 子伊面
Okay, I really don't remember the English translation so sorry if it's nor exact on their menu.
This rather plain noodle is much more than what you would expect it to be... when you look closer, you see the small dry shrimp eggs on it which gives it a super aromatic flavor and it very delicious on it's own... I usually eat one bowl just as it is and then I'll add their chilli oil to my second =P

Pork Hock w/ Nam-Yue Sauce 南乳豬腳
(Nam-Yue is fermented red bean curd)
This is so soft and fall off the bone good, it's obvious that it's been stewed for hours and hours to get this result

Deep Fried Pig Intestine 炸肥肠
 This is one of the love it or hate it dish.... and I happen to love this a lot and I haven't had this for a while. Love the soft fatty inside and the contrast of super crispy outside.

Hai-Nam Chicken with Hot-Pot Rice 海南雞煲仔飯
This is a bit different than your normal hot-pot rice 煲仔飯, their signature chicken is served cold on the side while the hot-pot rice 煲仔飯 came on it's own without the usual meat or veggies that's usually cook together on top of the rice. This is not plain white rice either, it's the usaly chicken flavor rice that usaully comes with the Hai-Nam chicken 海南飯. There's a 20-30 minutes wait for any of the hot-pot rice 煲仔飯, so make sure you order this as soon as you sit down.

The rice is infuse with chicken flavor and oils and when serve pipping hot in the pot, the aroma is so intense =D

  It is serve with a bowl of their daily soup so that you could scrap off the crunchy/burnt rice at the bottom of the pot. This is my favorite part =P

When you order over $25 dollar, you could get 1/2 of their Signature Soy Chicken for $1.
It is teh same chicken as above but we order this for take-out to bring home for Ben's parent to try.

Verdict :
Affordable, hearty, great service and good food.
Have been going for years and will be going back years to come.
Stay away from their Shanghai style noodles and dishes since it's really so-so.

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  1. Awesome how this place stayed consistent after so many years :) props to that~

  2. and I'm craving their stir fried clams w/ black bean sauce =P