Wednesday, May 4, 2011

El Trompo

El Trompo was the reason why we could only eat 2 Churros here. We last went there for lunch back in summer last year and love their tiny patio which is great for people watch. So we just have to go the first weekend that was last enough but when we arrived, the patio was pack with people waiting in line already.... so we decided to just go inside instead since we were starving.

That's how the inside look like... the last time I was here, I didn't even go in

Beer for Ben and brian freezing Magarita for me =P
(like mine the traditional way : lime flavor w/ salt)

 Guacamole w/ corned chips
the best I have had... it's so creamy smooth and refreshing and surprisingly light.
I can munch on this whole day long, would def come back to have this in the patio  =P

 Al Pastor
~ their Specialty: Mexican Style tacos. Pork meat marinated in the traditional sauce. Served on corn tortillas with pineapple, coriander and onion and squeeze of line before you dig in.
This is grill on a spinning thing à la Shawarma and the meat been marinated for 2 days... super yummy and goes down perfectly with our drinks.
But I would say this time was on the dry side compare to the ones we had the first time.

 Quesadillas ~ two wheat flour tortillas with marinated pork and cheese
 This was suppose to be the same pork as the Al Pastor tacos but this one is more moist and have a lot of pineapples, so we end up loving this one much more

Including some pics from last years visit :

 Nachos ~ didn't really liked it... I would def recommend the Guacamole as appetizer instead

 Chicharonde Queso
~ Delicious crispy grilled cheese (not the sandwich)
I regretted not ordering this again.... this is a must if you love cheese 
I think it's like the burn dry cheese on the side of a baking dish (for example when you have onion soups) if you always scrap those off to the last bit, then you'll ♥♥♥ this one

Verdict :
Must must must try !!!
Great price, great patio especially for people watching, great location
Good Food & Drinks !!!
Must try the  Guacamole and Chicharonde Queso

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  1. Definitely going to check this place out in the summer....guacamole and chicharonde queso!!! Weather is looking great so far (today) so hope it lasts!

  2. i agree the guacamole here is the best i've had so far mmmm drooling here i think i'm gonna return here real soon once summer is here