Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bobbette & Belle

I have been wanting to visit Bobette & Belle since it first open but never get to it since it's never near where I was. But I recently got a voucher of $15 for $30 worth of Designer cupcakes and finally decided to go and get some treats for Mother's day =D We arrive at right before 3:00 and it was packed, shelf are half empty and line up at the counter.

 Lot of items were sold out by the time we got there, guess you have to get there earlier for more choice and guarantee of certain items

 I just love the brightly lit store with the white walls as a perfect backdrop for all the devine looking wedding cake display to be center stage (^_^)
Allyson, one of the owner is already famous in the wedding industries with her cakes featured in wedding magazines and won award like the Canadian Wedding industry Award for Cake Designer of the year
Sarah the other owner was previously the executive pastry chef of Canoe.

With the Voucher, got one dozen of the Extra Large Cupcake 
The original price is at $2.75/ea but for this size, it's really a lot cheaper compare to other places.
We got assorted flavors : Salted Caramel, Mango passion fruit, chocolate w/ peanut butter, cookies & cream, hazelnut, chocolate, lemon, vanilla, raspberry buttercream

Their cupcakes are rather dense and moist more like a cake (i would imagine that's what their wedding cake would taste like) with rather light icing.
Love how the icing is light and not as sweet as most of the other cupcake shop that I tried (here & here)

Got 3 Macaron : Salted Caramel, passion fruit and raspberry
It was really really good and love how it's not overly sweet like most places and the tart fruit flavor actually shine through. I regretted of not buying one flavor each and try them all =P
I like this a lot better than the one from MoRoCo.

Passion fruit Marshmallow
♥♥♥♥♥ it, need I say more. This was melt in your mouth heaven with a slight tartness and not too sweet.
+ passion fruit is my favorite fruit (^_^)
Love the texture which is not overly dense nor light and the shape can't be cute.
Will go back to get more flavors as soon as I finish this can =P

Chocolate Toffee w/ hazelnut
Goes perfectly with a cup of coffee

I also bought one of their Baguette that no one seems to notice and it was divine, the traditional version without needing the sour dough to compensate for flavor.

Verdict :
I love how everything is not very sweet which let the other ingredient shine 
The Marshmallow is a must try
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  1. Their stuff looks very impressive, and looks like they put a lot of thought into not only how things look but also the combination of ingredients :) Good stuff, great find!

  2. It's also so pretty in there that you want to sit there for a bit but we were in a rush this time to catch a movie so didn't stay... def. next time

  3. ooo i wanted to try their whoopie pie surprised u didn't buy any...but definitely wanna try the marshmallow and macarons they look delish

  4. cause I have the dozen cupcake coupon already... I'll def try next time =D

  5. yea was debating on whether to buy it but decided against it since all i wanted to try was the marshmallows & whoopie pie

  6. LOL, I like to get these cupcakes coupon for special occasion/party ect which I could bring something to =D This time it was for Motehr's day..