Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Primo Veal

Primo Veal is a very small take out place at 3105 Sheppard Av E with barely 2-3 bar stool by the window. Serves up really good Veal Sandwich and all the food is made fresh right in front of you by the super friendly couple/owner. This is my first visit and I can't believe I didn't know if this place earlier =P

Small menu with daily pasta special which I'll have to go back to try

We both ordered the Veal Sandwich and they serve it too way : veal dip in sauce or slather on top.
And of course we both choose dip into sauce which make the veal drench with their yummy sauce and we were warn that it's the messier version... but we are bringing it home anyway, so it's ok. 

Choice of toppings : caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, mushroom and hot peppers

Mine with roasted red peppers =P
Messy Yummy goodness... really love how they dip the entire veal into their sauce so not a part of the meat was missed... although it looks huge, I finish mine pretty easily since the bun was very airy light and the veal was quite thin. My Perfect Size !!!

Verdict :
Will def go back for this and maybe try their Chicken Sandwich and pasta too =D

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  1. I've been and let me say it was amazing it's a must try for all in scarborough

  2. not to mention great value as well.
    I still need to find time to go back =P