Monday, May 30, 2011

IZUMI - Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

Was so excited when I first hear about a Sake brewery opening up at Distillery and as the weather was so great last Saturday, we decided to spend a day at the  Distillery. The Ontario Spring Water Sake Company is eastern North America's first sake brewery using traditional Japanese methods and recipes with Ontario spring water and it is member of the Brewing Society of Japan.

It's a lot smaller than I've expected, there's was barely 6 seats by the tiny bar where you can try their sake by glass.

That's the brewery, it's super tiny.

 Tasting Flight @ $10
Nama Nama ~ this was probably the best among the one we have tasted.
Genshu ~ sort of taste like white wine which is very strange and hated this one
Teion Sakura ~ no comment

This is only available for in-house tasting right now.

~ their first brew: fruity, light, unpasteurized
This was ok, one of the better tasting one among all the ones we tried

Their selection changes day to day and we wanted to try a "milky" (unfiltered) sake but the day we went wasn't available =(
I'm not a Sake specialist by all means but me and Ben have started to fall in love with sake this past year and have been having most of type available in Toronto. I'm not sure if it's the Ontario water or the rice but all of the sake we have tasted was rather sour ?!?

Making of my Sake Shandy which is a mix of sake and ginger ale. It was not a great ration/combination since you can barely taste any sake but just the sweet tangy taste of the ginger ale
Such a waste, I have tasted much better sake cocktail.

They also sell by bottle in store and will be available to LCBO soon.

Verdict :
Tasted mostly sour and  not aromatic at all . Big disappointment =(
No good !!!

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  1. Ohh that sucks :( I don't know much about sake either...all I know is that I like Nigori Sake and Sparkling Sake. That's about it lol